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What car do you drive in real life?


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My Daily is a Honda Civic Coupe VI 1.6iSR (125hp)
30806393_10210814961763880_7160194330560501258_o (1).jpg

My car to attack corners on weekends, an Integra Type R DC2 (190hp)

The car I'm building for Drift (Night fun, not competition), Nissan 200SX S13 1.8T (169hp) - Soon to swap in an SR20DET


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Daily: Opel Astra Bertone Turbo Coupe

Aftermarket Recirculating BOV
Downpipe, full exhaust and full decat (Precat+Cat)
Mishimoto FMIC (Not pictured)
FK Lowering springs (-30mm)

To do:

LEH MAF & Injectors
CDTI Airbox
Tune (Aprox. 260HP)

Project car:

1996 Dacia 1310L

2.0 F3R Engine from a Renault Laguna MK1
5 Speed transmission from a Renault 18 GTS
Diesel CV Shafts
4X100 Conversion
Renault Scenic II disks and calipers
Rear disk brake conversion
MK2 Golf lowering springs
ARO 10 Rear shock absorbers
Diesel Pick-up front shocks
CN4 Dashboard
Megane MK1 Instrument cluster
Bucket Seats (Custom made like 20 years ago, I'm keeping them cause they fit the car)
Golf MK2 fender lips welded and blended into the body
Rear door handle delete
Rear vent and antenna delete
No wheels bought yet but looking for 15X8 BBS RS' in 4X100
Painting in Hockenheim Silver (BMW M2) with black Gordini stripes

Keep in mind all the parts for the Dacia haven't been put on,I have bought everything, but right now I'm waiting on the body/paint, being a communist mobile, it had quite a bit of rust and the paint was shot, so that's getting fixed. :)

Maryo Lionheart

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My car and my ''Fatty''
Renault Clio GrandTour 2008 1.5Dci, Turbo GT Pack Limited Edition
And Fat Bike Velors Transformers :) .