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What car do you drive in real life?


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First car I've bought, my pride and joy, my weapon of choice when I'm keen to hit the roads. It's a 1983 Toyota Starlet KP61 1.3S (RWD).

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Although being fantastic in it's standard form it became a bit short for my taste so I swapped the 1300cc engine for it's higher displacement brother, a 1500cc. In addition to this I rebuilt and upgraded the whole engine.

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My love for Toyota is big and I wasn't happy with only one, so I got another, a totally different car.
And so I found my 1987 Toyota Corolla GTi-16 AE92 that runs the famous 4AGE twincam engine.

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Portugal ?


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Meet Chloe, my beautiful and fun POS. She's a ton of fun but also a ton of different dashboard lights. I still lover her to bits.

Oh, and there's my fat turd of a W203, too. Currently trying to sell it, but it's such a pain to find a buyer..