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tag for wheel and pedals users

All the veteran players knows that there's nothing to do against a wheel and pedals user, unless he's a total noob.
You can't win or race, it's a one end event.
i want w&p racers locked out from arcade racing, they belong to sim racing.

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that isnt true at all, i have experience on all sides when it comes to control input in this game. All i can say is, that wheel and pedal only give advantages in sim. The rest can get handled by players with other input too. tbh, i would say wheel and pedals are even a handycap on 1-2 gamemodes.


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Wheel and pedals are slower, if not equal, in Arcade than keyboard or gamepad.
That's what I've gotten at least, having raced against people with wheels.


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wheel only fast in class 1 can not other class, that's why you play class 1 only and not know this. wheel bad for high class. only in sim better but not in arcade ya

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bruh, lion. Everything you wrote became invalid the moment the mentioned the lion. Its a world wide known fact, that the lion is op and ez shreds the other cars. Everyone can get beaten if the car performances are equal.
I am not quite sure if you can say that a wheel and pedal user is automatically faster than a driver with another input device.

Personally I am driving with keyboard because that works best for me. I tried controller and wheel too at arcade mode. But due to my lack of driving ability I cannot drive faster with controller or wheel.

But besides the fact that wheel users like Kain, FastAgain or Stingray are way faster than me and not beatable there are some pad users that are in the same way faster and unbeatable like Headhunter and BlackHorse.

So maybe the fastest drivers could write down here who is fastest when they are racing each other and we can see if there is really an input device that brings more performance than the other or if it depends on the drivers ability.

My limit is definitely not the input device. Its my poor performance. :D

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just had a race against Fast-Again. Yes he can drive pretty fast. But he isnt unbeatable. I was racing in a Wizz and i saw where he catched up and where i got my distance back. Was an equal race imo.