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PT Launcher is a work in progress game launcher for Project Torque.

The main goal of the launcher is to display news and launch the game with selectable languages.


It also includes links to our GP store, Forum, Discord and will also link to our home page, support and FaceBook.
Under the Updates icon we will display the most recent news item off the Steam blog https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1112400

As you can see, there is a drop down with Russian selected. This drop down allows us to add as many languages to the game and enable users to launch with any language they select.
This will eventually save your preference so you set it once and it will always run with that language.

Hope to also add server checker, firewall check and uPnP checker so we can tell users that useful info before they open the game.

Mouse cursor does not react to buttons yet and there is no visual feedback that one has clicked on anything. Again it is just POC atm.

I have left a .zip of the current concept so you can have a play.
Place inside root directory of Project Torque and run.

Note, we do not have any other language packs other than English on the Steam version of the game...


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