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  • Hi I do not remember my password for my old account I remember the name and that is it.
    Hi Jack,

    I have just registered and accidentally made my username feenis75... not feenix75

    any chance that could be changed to feenix75
    سلام ، اگر سرور وجود نداشته باشد ، نمی توانم از صفحه اول به بعد بروم ، چه کاری می توانم انجام دهم؟
    انت منين ياصاحبى ؟
    Hey, Jack. I already registered and created the password so that every time I try to enter the game of login and incorrect password and what I do to get access
    ciao Jack,
    mi sono iscritto ma non posso completare operazione in quanto no ricevo mail la PSW ,ho controllato e non e in nessuna altra cartella
    cosa posso fare per ovviare al problema?
    Jack, i need help.
    I'm trying to subscribe but when i send the request for password in email, it doesn't work. no emails to me, spam trash etc...i enabled the two steps veriufication , with bar code etc. but i can't receive the email for confirm and choose a password.
    why ?
    the account is renataccio, or renataccio2
    thank you very much
    Renato from Italy
    Hello there am new to the game been playing for 8 days now but yesterday i started to crash in the late night i uninstalled over 3 times and no progress but when i log in and i click on european server i crash after the first load but any other servers i can play it. Am on Windows 10 also havent updated the cusor thing and wheres the link to it?
    hello im trying to get the password reset link sent to my email once i recieve it i click the link that says its encountered an error and i cant reset my password to login to play
    Win 10 upades video card is ati RX 480 4GB so my system ram 8GB its server type pc I use for both gaming and file backups so I think its game needs more updates for everything its too bugy on mouse on selecting paint and the car I don't know mouse goes missing then my win10 gets stuck its odd.
    hello I new member on this New Racing game I have issue of game crashing no reason because mouse when I pick the car color mouse goes missing and game gets stuck. I don't know its my windows 10 1809 Or my video card is the issue every is updated.
    Hola quiero una contrasena para mi cuenta y no me deja resetear a alguna contrasena
    estoy en la misma
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