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  • Hello Jack! I am also one of those who donated back then ($ 5) but I have not received any XP or RP doppler to date! I wanted to ask you when you get what? my e-mail address was ([email protected]) thank you for the answer!
    I accidentally chose more resolution than my screen, which is why I don’t see most of the game and I can’t change the resolution. Is there any way to fix this?
    hi Jack, quick question: is there a way to integrate replay files in the player report?
    I've tried zipping it, renaming the extention but without success.
    Джек, я отправил архив с логами на тему, на которую ты дал ссылку
    hey, is it possible to force to reset my password? seems like I cant get the e-mail...
    pls do something with those kickers that load faster than common people. I mean it became a roulette since some guys learnt that trick to be fateful whenever they want
    trust me, not asking by far to be a Gs. Just been playing the game since day 1 came out on Aeria games. Need a gs like Fastexx was.
    Sadly guys really need GS in game. Hard enough get new people join, but when have Clan like FGD wreck every new person, or just yells at them. Hosting rooms everyday trying to work all new coming players on controls, and the tracks. We could really use some help in game to watch players. If anything just remove them from current room special if people are trying to enjoy the game.
    something to that effect? the way its worded now, (we are having this arguement rn on discord) the message is being sent that "if youre trying to win, its ok to ram"
    hey mister, we are losing the battle with ppl who think it is ok to be a rammer. i would suggest we revise the ramming rule to say perhaps "every attempt should be made to avoid contact with other vehicles, in order to provide a fun and frustration free environment"
    Hi Jack, can you send me a copy of the files in your game folder, because my game doesn't start and maybe it has a damaged file
    Hi Jack. I think i found an explanation for the controller/steering wheel delay experienced by all players. This version of PT lacks an advanced menu and a "steering response" slider. I'm unable to open the advanced menu. Are there any commands/start options to set the value to 0?
    mail.de are whitelisted this website now. All emails received without problems. I wrote with the support.
    Did my files helped? any answer would be great since i busted ny ass to provide them.
    During fucking cristhmas and stuff.
    Hello Jack. I have register my acc usint steam. because I was unable to create the password one has been generated and "send" to my email. Unfortunately I still didn't received it. All mail folders has been checked, including spam. Help? Thank you
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