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    Don t forget, all start at lvl 1

    LoL. cough cough... Don t forget, all start at lvl 1 lvl 0
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    Don t forget, all start at lvl 1

    The other side of that coin could be good for new players too. What I mean is experienced players can also be how a new player sees how the game works and make a whole room full of new players have more fun too..
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    CHAMPAGNE BONUS temporary FIX and working resolutions

    For me the full screen resolutions: 1920x1080 will not pop the cork. 2560x1440 will pop the cork.
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    Too funny. Cops & robbers are even on that map IRL. That whole area above 1st street is packed full of cops, robbers, & trains. The California Downtown map is about 20 miles NW of me and the flood control ditch (canal) is called the Los Angeles river IRL. Whoops. Mirrored not flipped...
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    I dont use a automatic transmission so the default would be wrong as well.
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    Car steers on its own

    0 steering helper makes my cars loose straight line tracking (caster/camber forgot what name) whith my wheel. 1585427792 off topic but i thought it might help
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    Disabling the racing line and UI?

    I thought the default key fot T toggles player names and I toggles my trunk... hmmm
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    Branded cars

    So what did it cost them back then? A fortune I bet...
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    Thunder Ally controls

    DXTweak is defiantly not a emulator.
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    Wheel Support

    Might need this steam input setting set to forced off too...
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    do not be a hypocrite

    Seems like a 30 second count down before the race ends would let new players at least have a chance to see the finish line once in awhile too.
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    Is the kawana k660 bad?

    I drive that Kawana because it's a lot more exciting and RWD. Same for using a wheel and F3 view. But like TorQueHQ said acceleration a+ is still a really tall gear for the kawana... 1579767350 Kawana top speed for me was 155mph on wangan .
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    You are joined as spectator.

    They might have been waiting for someone or maybe a player (you?) that was trying to join the room as well?
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    Massive steering wheel/controller delays (Explanation)

    IDK if this will help but for my 270 degree digital wheel with: D-input never does any of those things ever. X360ce emulator does all of those things in other games. oh and for my wheel the range 100-900 = sensitivity (it feels like my tire pressure in TA)
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    Russian Cheater (WSS member)

    That looks like wangan catch-up to me.