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A guide to Project Torque


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Welcome to the Project Torque guide thread, aimed to introduce the game to new players and help them understand the game a bit better, made purely out of interest and love for the game.

This guide is going to cover most of the functions of the game, which includes menus, HUD and gameplay.
This will be split in multiple posts, so please don't post anything preferably : )

Without further ado, let's start this shall we?

Table of Contents: (copy and Ctrl+F to jump to a category)
1. Menus
2. Shop/Garage
3. Crews
4. Lobbies
5. Rooms
6. Gamemodes
7. Replays
8. Message system
9. Reporting players
10. Options
11. Controller setup
12. Troubleshooting

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1. Menus

First we start with the menu navigation. The main menu has a lot of options, so we'll go through each one of em.


So what do all of these buttons do? Let's get right into it.
- Play: This is where all the action is going down. Hit the Play button to go directly into the gamemode select and jump into the mode you're fancying.
- Practice: Not feeling like socialising, or just want to practice around any map or just dabble around? Jump in Practice for a solo session where it's just you and the track.
- Shop: This is where you can spend all the money you've earned from racing. Upgrade your car, customise it visually and balance it out to destroy the competition. Or buy a brand new, higher class car for higher speed races and bigger prizes. You can also buy other tidbits there, including boosters and multipliers for the cash and XP rewards.
- Garage: This is your garage. Adjust and modify your rides with the parts you've bought from the shop, or accept a surprise someone might have sent you.
- Replay: Watch a replay you've saved, or watch the last race you took part in. Watch and learn from past mistakes, record some sick moments from your mischiefs or take some sick screenshots using the Content Creator tool.
- Crew: Become part of a crew and change the look of your garage, gain bonuses and be part of a team and have crew battles with other crews.
- Ranking: Check out the fastest laptimes, the highest scoring points, the fastest reaction times and everything else. Or see who's driven a specific car the most.
- Credits: Watch a handful of Hungarian names scroll by your screen. They made this game.
- Match List: Check out which room and gamemode your friends are playing and join them instantly.
- User Info: Check out your player info card, along with a preview of your car.

This covers all the buttons in the main menu. Time to move on to other elements in the menu.
- Your Statistics: This small window displays all your stats. Your level, your total XP, and various other stats which change during gameplay.
- Top right corner: This is where you can see your cash, your level and your username
- Lock: This shows you what's upcoming in terms of unlocks. Check out how much XP's left till you unlock a fresh new ride for you to look into.

This covers the main menu.
Now let's take a deeper look into the Shop and the Garage.

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2. Shop/Garage

The shop and the garage are quite similar.
Before we have a look into what each option does and what you can buy in the shop, let's see what the menus are like first.


Let's see what each one of these is

1: This is the main tab. Choose what kind of customisation you wish to look into.
2: This is the subcategory. Select specifically what you want to change in the tab you're currently in.
(So for example, in this picture I'm in the Body tab and I'm in the Front Bumpers subcategory.)
3: These are custom presets that you can customise and change into at any time. They're split into Styling and Performance, with Styling being all visual customisation and Performance including all upgrades and balancers. More on those further down.
4: Your Cars. Hover your mouse over and click on any of your cars to change into them. This dropdown menu appears in most of the menus.
5: This is the checkout cart. See what's in your cart and remove items you don't want from it, and once you're ready hit the purchase button and buy everything that's in the cart.
6: Gift an item to somebody of your choice. Gifting requires GP.
Test Drive button: Test drive the car you have selected, regardless of whether you have bought it or not. Drive it around and get a feel of how each car drives to select the right one for your driving style.
Buttons on the bottom: These buttons change the category you are on. Cars being the cars themselves, Parts referring to visual customisation, Upgrades being upgrades, etc.

It's important to note that when you select an item, it becomes yellow. If you don't like any of the parts you have equipped, you can remove them by clicking on the yellow items again.
If an item's name is orange, then that means you cannot buy said item yet because you either don't meet the XP/Level requirements or because you don't have a prerequisite item. If the price is orange, then that means you simply do not have enough RP or GP to buy the item you're looking at.

Let's also look at the car stats themselves, to get a better understanding of what we see.


1: These are the car's stats. When you select an upgrade, these will change and show you what the upgrade is going to offer you. More on that further down.
2: This is the car's category and class. There are 9 classes in the game as of now, with Class 9 housing the strongest cars. The dots signify the subclass of the car. This car for example is a Class 9.1 car. There are 4 categories in the game as of now. Street, Offroad, Drift and Race. Street category houses all road cars, Offroad holds all the SUVs and Offroaders, Drift has all the Drift cars and lastly, Race has all the Thunder Alley cars.
3: This is the car's drivetrain layout. There are all kinds of drivetrains in this game.
4. This is your car's brand and name.

All of the menus in the shop and the garage are formatted like this.
So now that the main structure is out of the way, let's dive right into the shop, starting from the first category all the way to the last one.


This is the car shop. Here you can get yourself a new set of wheels to dominate the track.
You can choose to see cars based on the newest and hottest additions, show all cars, sort by year, drivetrain or category. More on those later.


This is the Parts category. Here you can find all the customisation options for your ride.
The Body tab has all the parts, while Styling focuses on colours, liveries, rims, interior options and steering wheels, with a Racing Numbers tab for you to change your Thunder Alley car's number styling. Horns is, as it says, custom horns.
Balancing is a unique tab, which is why it'll get its own spot.


Balancing is where you can fine tune your car to get the most out of it and to adjust it to your driving needs. Here's what each subcategory is about
- Aerodynamics: Adjust where you want more downforce. F+ gives the front end a lot of downforce, with R+ giving it to the rear end. F and R are more mild options.
- Acceleration: Adjust whether you want gears adjusted towards a greater top speed or if you want faster acceleration. A+ is faster acceleration in trade of a lower top speed, and T+ is higher top speed in exchange of more sluggish acceleration. Again, A and T are the more mild options.
- Grip: Adjust which end of the tires has more grip. F+ increases the front grip greatly, while R+ increases the rear. F and R are the mild options.
- 4WD: If your car is a 4WD/AWD car, you can adjust the balance between the front and rear power. F+ sets the majority of power on the front, while R+ does the same but for the rear. F and R are the mild options.
- Brake: Adjust which side of the brakes has more power. F+ makes the front brakes the most powerful, while R+ does the same for the rear ones. F and R are the mild options.

It's important to note that, much like parts, if you don't like the balancers you can remove them by clicking the equipped ones.

This covers everything about the Parts and the balancers sections.


Up next is the Upgrades category.
Here's where the all the upgrades happen. Here you can upgrade your cars by buying the respective upgrades you wish.
It's important to note that upgrades happen progressively. So to buy a Stage 2 upgrade, first you must own Stage 1 of said upgrade.
Whenever you select an upgrade, the car's stats will increase and will also display how big the increase is in brackets.

Here's what each upgrade tab entails
- Body: Here you can upgrade the car itself. This brings improvements to all of the stats of the car, hence why they're typically more expensive.
- Power: Here you can upgrade the engine, transmission and ECU of the car. This brings upgrades to top speed, power and acceleration.
- Handling: Here's where you can upgrade your suspension, tires and brakes.

This covers the upgrades category.
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This is the Miscellaneous tab. Here you can find all sorts of things that don't affect the car itself.
Some of these you must equip in your trunk, more on that later.


This is the Girls tab. These kind ladies will sponsor your car and give you extra RP and XP! How cool is that? You can hire them for some days with GP.


This is the Crew tab. Here you can buy a form to create your own Crew and start your own team.
You will need GP for that, which you can supply yourself with by clicking that nice blue button next to the Crew button.
Once you have your Crew created, you'll find upgrades for your Headquarters and various other tidbits here.

The Mission tab has been skipped due to the Missions mode not being available as of now.
The Exp. Items tab shows you items that you own that are about to expire.

With all of these out of the way, it's time to see how you can buy things.


Here's the shopping cart menu. Let's see how it works.

  • 1: This is the shopping cart button. You need to click this to get here.
  • 2: This option allows you to switch between payment with RP and payment with GP. Spend your currencies wisely!
  • 3: This button removes an item from the cart, so you won't accidentally buy a 300,000 RP landyacht like a certain someone.
  • 4: This is your total. Here you can see how much everything costs, and how much RP/GP you'll be left with after your shopping spree.
  • After all these, hit the OK button to complete your purchase and enjoy your new items!

This wraps up the shop. Let's look at the Garage and see what's different on it.


This is your garage. Here you can see all items you own so far, along with an Inbox where you can find items gifted to you by some very kind person (or somebody you threatened with a knife).

This sums up the Shop and the Garage menus.

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3. Crews

Let's check out how to join a Crew next. Joining a Crew is pretty easy.


You click on the Crew button from the main menu and are given two options. Crew list and Create Crew.
Creating a Crew requires the application form from the shop, so if you wanna start the next big Crew in the game, give it the GP it deserves.


Crew List is where you can find all currently available crews. To view a Crew, all you have to do is click on one of them.


This is the main page of a Crew. Here you can check out the Crew's description, what it specialises in, so on. You can also check out who's in it.
To join, click the Join button and a request will be sent to the crew's leader. From there, it's up to the leader whether you become part of a crew or if you get the door shut in your face.
Once you join a Crew, your garage will change to match the one that the Crew leader has set, and will also have the crew's tag next to your username.

This wraps up the Crews.

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4. Lobbies

You've come this far, so now it's time to actually play the game.
Hit that big red Play button to be brought into the gamemode select screen


From here, you can select which gamemode you'd like to play. Each gamemode has a description written on the left, so hover over one of the options to see which mode is what.
Once you select the mode you want, you'll be brought to its Lobby.
From there, you can either click on an already existing room and join that, or make your own room and do things the way you want to.


Let's see what all these options do.

  • Room Name: self explanatory. Write what your room's about.
  • Max users: Also pretty self explanatory. The maximum amount of users a room can have. As of now, the maximum for all gamemodes except Thunder Alley is 8. For Thunder Alley, you can have up to 30 players.
  • Use Password: This is if you don't want strangers to join your friendly lobby, or if you're testing things with people. You can input the room's password in the prompt right below this checkbox.
  • Ghost Mode: This is if you want to guarantee clean racing, or if you're the time attack kinda guy. This option disables collisions between all cars, so nobody will be able to punt you to Mars.
  • Using rating limits: If you don't want people with 3000 rating coming in and trampling your brand new car, tick this option. Enabling it makes it so that your room has a limit rating, so only people with similar rating to yours will be able to join.
  • Car category: This is a very important one. Clicking on it brings a dropdown prompt with options for you to pick. From here, you can limit your room to the same class, category or even car, so only people who fulfil the criteria can join it. Note that with the same class restriction, same category is also applied, so if you want mixed lobbies with street and offroad cars, you'll have to make an open room and risk it.
  • Voting: After each round, there will be a vote screen from which people can pick one of the four tracks presented to them. Disabling this option means that after every race you'll be brought back to the room instead. It also means that people cannot join the room while a race is going on.
  • Calculate Rating: Toggling this means that after every match, your rating will be affected. Disable this if you want your rating to stay intact.
    Note that this option is not present in Arcade mode, since rating calculation is disabled there.

Once everything is set up, hit the OK button to create your room!

Tips for new players: Join rooms with the same class as yours, and if you're making a lobby make sure to set the car limitation to Same Class so only people with the same Class can join your lobby. It is advised to turn Ghost mode on as well, so you can have some fair and clean fun.

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5. Rooms

You now have your own room! Let's see how you can manage and adjust your brand new room.


From this tab, you can change the lap count of the race and check the room's parameters. Hit apply to save any changes you've made.


From this tab, you can change the room's name, the max number of users, the password, ghost mode and the voting. Make sure to set the right category restriction, otherwise you'll have to restart your room. Hit apply to save any changes you've made.


From here, you can pick one of the hundreds of tracks available in the game. Select a map, a track and the time of day, and hit apply to save changes. Note that, as of now, two maps are only available if you have an Offroad category car in your inventory.


From here you can check the players in the room. Left click on them to check out their stats.


If you're the room master, you can kick a player that is causing you trouble (or your nemesis).


Click the Trunk button or press the T button to bring up the Trunk. From here you can equip and remove Misc items that you have purchased, which includes boosters and grid girls.
It's very important to note that once the race starts, any consumable in your trunk will be consumed, so make sure to remove anything from your trunk that you want to keep around for other things. This menu can be brought up between races, and you even on the loading screen, so make sure to keep that in mind.

Once everything is ready, hit the READY button on the bottom left and let the race begin!
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On the loading screen, you can see the track that was selected, the best times on the track, a quick shop where you can quickly or accidentally buy something, and the players loading. The crossed out circle next to a loading player is a vote kick button, which can come in handy when you want to boot out a troublemaker. Only shows up in Vote rooms.


If you're playing in a vote lobby, after each race you'll be greeted by this screen. Simply click on the track that looks the tastiest to you and your vote will be submitted. The track with most votes is picked, and you're taken directly to it. This applies to all gamemodes.


It's important to note that if you can't join a room, or if you try to join a room but your car doesn't show up, or if you entered a non-vote lobby while it's in progress, then you might have the "Join as spectator box" at the bottom of the screen ticked. Untick it to be able to join normally, or tick it if you want to sit back and spectate some matches.

This wraps up the rooms.

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6. Gamemodes

Now that the basics are covered, let's see what each gamemode actually is about.
Each Gamemode is a unique and fun experience and you should try them all out!
We'll start from top to bottom, and explain all of the modes.
Do keep in mind that with all gamemodes, the faster you drive the more money you get. So to get a bigger payout, go for higher class cars!

Useful tips: The default buttons for resetting your car on track is R and repairing the car is Backspace. Pressing the Y button will resize the chat window or hide it completely. M also toggles a mirror on top of the screen. You can change your camera view using F1 through F6.

banner 8.png

The VS Modes are your traditional racing. Sim VS uses a more realistic handling model, while Arcade uses a driftier, more arcadey handling model. Challenge mode is a variation of Sim VS, with the difference being the prize pool includes GP.


The modes are conceptually the same. Race around the track in the set laps.
Once first place crosses the finish line, a countdown timer will show up. Once time's out, whoever didn't finish gets a DNF.

This wraps up the VS and Challenge modes.

banner 9.png

An up-to-30 player Stock car racing experience. Hop behind the wheel of various stock cars and race for the podium and a chunky prize. Big laps, big circles, you might get bored if you fall behind so try to avoid that :p
Race in oval tracks, a twisty oval or a road course in Sweden. A very fun and challenging mode for those who're seeking a challenge.


This mode is different from VS, because now you also have to manage your fuel. Once your fuel's low, you have to pit in or else you'll run out of fuel and will have to crawl your way around the track, which is not something you wanna do in a race track.
Cars travelling at very low speeds will automatically become ghosts so that accidents and blocking won't happen.
Make sure to drive cleanly, or you might wind up with a penalty. Also make sure to keep the pitlane speed limit to avoid a drive-through penalty.
Generally, try to drive on the right and overtake from the left. They're not official rules, but the large majority of Thunder Alley players play by these rules, and these races usually turn out quite nicely.

Useful tips: Make sure you're running at the highest gear possible, or the lowest RPM possible, to save as much fuel as possible. It'll greatly help you keep up with the pack, or even gain an edge on em.
Also make sure to have your Mirror enabled and use Q and W buttons (default mappings) if you're in first person, so you can have a better sense of your surroundings during a race.

Important to note that, as of now, Red Rock Speedway has a broken penalty AI. To work your way around it, simply slow down before the penalty auto-drive engages.

This concludes Thunder Alley.

banner 10.png

Grab the flag and start running. In this mode, you have to collect the flag and try to keep it for as long as possible, all while aiming for gates to score extra points and dodging people who are out for your head. A unique gamemode where the speed you need most is in reflexes. A very strategic gamemode that most definitely puts your deception and evasion skills to the test.
This is a time limit based game, so run before time's out.


This gamemode's vastly different from the rest. The goal here is to drive through the gates with the flag, all while avoiding people trying to steal the flag from you. The minimap on the bottom left is showing you where everyone else is, along with the gate's location. The GPS below the mirror shows you where either the flag or the gate is located. The winner in this gamemode is whoever has the most points.

Useful tip: Make sure to use a good handling car with explosive acceleration, especially if you're aiming to play this mode on a more competitive scale.

This concludes CTF
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banner 11.pngThis mode should be self explanatory. Go sideways, get points for it. Do chains, get even more points.
Winner is whoever has most points.


In this mode, you have to score big by doing long drift chains. The more you drift, the bigger your multiplier gets and the more points you get. This mode has a timer, so make sure you end your chain before it runs out and all your hard work just evaporates into thin air.

Useful tip: Opt for a rear wheel drive car to get the best results. Drift mode uses arcade physics, so anything will drift. If you want the optimal results, get a drift car.

This wraps up Drift

banner 12.png

Race in a straight line for big bucks! Time your shifts perfectly, and leave the other three players dumbfounded as to how they got so dusted and left behind. Walk home with a big grin on your face and a pocket full of RP and XP.
This gamemode automatically sets your transmission to manual, so beware! You upshift with the A button (default mappings)


Drag mode comes in two phases.
Phase one is the burnout stage. Press the gas button in time with the meter to warm up your tires and get a better launch. 4WD and AWD cars cannot do burnouts, if they could that'd be cheating.


Phase two is the actual race. Launch your car as soon as the light goes green and launch away. Hit the upshifts when the shift blinker goes green to get the maximum out of your car.
You can upshift before the light goes green. However if you go before the light goes green, you'll get a penalty. So make sure to use that to your advantage

Useful tips: Hold the clutch and throw the car into first, then rev the engine with the clutch pressed. Let go off the clutch once the light goes green.
This is kinda tricky and might get some getting used to, to time it perfectly. The clutch button is C (default mappings)

This concludes Drag Mode.

banner 13.png

The most chill mode out of them all. Gather a group of friends (or people you've never met) and duke it out across the entire map. Collect as many tokens as possible and be the winner in this fun collecting gamemode. Or adjust things your way and convert this mode into a freeroam mode. The possibilities are endless!


Explorer is a mode about collecting items from the ground. Drive over them to get a point added up.
There are some special items, like tires, a magnet, a compass and a NOS bottle, which give you special effects. There's also the question mark token, which could be either a good buff or your worst nerf. Worst case scenario, you'll get blown off the road.
Or best case scenario, you've just won a 7 day trial for an excavator!
The goal of this mode is to collect all the tokens in the map. The timer on the top goes down if nobody is collecting any tokens. It goes up the moment somebody collects a token.
There are no tips for this one, just jump in whatever you're feeling like driving and have fun.

Useful tips: If you space out token collections, you can use this mode as a freeroam mode (for until a proper one comes to fruition).
For a fair game, try to get everyone to have the same or similar cars in terms of stats and classes.
To get the most out of your play session, aim for combos. These pay off a bit better than just regularly collecting tokens. Here's a list of all token combos, courtesy of GT4Tube.

This concludes Explorer, and therefore the Gamemodes as whole (for now).
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7. Replays

So you just had one hell of a race and you want to watch it again, or you caught something suspicious and want to show to a higher-up to sort it out (more on that later). You can do that by saving replays.
Before you save a replay, you need to have some Replay Mediums in your inventory. Buy those from the MISC tab in the shop. They're 1 RP, if you can't afford it then you probably have accidentally bought a 300,000 RP Class 7 landyacht.
Saving replays is pretty easy, so let's go through every way you can save a replay.


If you're in a vote lobby, all you have to do is click "Save replay" and a replay will be saved. The replay's name is going to be today's date in a YYYY/MM/DD format. If you don't have replay mediums, a prompt will come up asking you to buy some.


If you're in a non-voting room, all you have to do is click on "Replay". A prompt will come up where you can give your replay a title. Hit the save button and you're all set! Much like vote rooms, if you have no replay mediums you'll be asked to buy some.


This is the Replay menu. From here, you can select a replay and hit "Load selected" to load it up and watch or save the last race you took part in. You can filter out replays by gamemode or by maps.


This is the Replay UI. Let's go through each of the buttons quickly.
  • Hide: Hides the timeline and buttons.
  • Pause: take a wild guess as to what this one does.
  • Not loop: Once the replay's over, the replay won't loop. Click this to make it so that the replay loops.
  • Camera: Change the view. Alternatively, you can use all buttons from F1 through F10 (and F11 with Content Creator), or the up and down arrow keys.
  • Red knob: Adjust the playback speed. Slow it down or speed it up, your choice.
  • Car switch: Change the car you're following, so you can see the same race from a different perspective.
  • Capture: Used to take a screenshot, now does nothing. Instead, press F12 to take a screenshot via Steam.
  • Options: The options menu. This will be explored later.
  • Save: Save the replay you're currently watching. Comes in handy if you hit "Load last" instead of saving it.
  • Quit: deletes your hopes and dreams, your account and sends you to jail.
If you want to send your friend a replay, or if you want to send the replay somewhere in general, or you are on the receiving end and got sent a replay, you can find the replays in this directory of the game's files.

screenshot location.png

Simply send the right file over, or place the replay file in this folder, and head to the game to find the replay in the Replay menu. You can also change the name of the replay if you wish, so that it can be a bit more distinct.

This concludes the Replays section.

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8. Message system

The message system is how you can communicate with your fellow drivers, congratulate their driving or yell at them for being too nice to you. You can also add friends by clicking on the their name, and then clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the box. Do the same to accept the friend request, or click on the minus to break someone's heart.
The nice thing about the messaging system is that you can tweak it to your liking! Let's see how you can do this.

message 1.png

This is the chat window. Here you can type messages on the bar over there, and on the right you can see who's in the channel you're typing in. On top, you can see a handful of tabs. Those are the default tabs (out of view is the Global tab, which I closed by accident).

message 2.png

Right click on one of the tabs to bring this menu up. From here you're given a handful of options, some of which we'll look into with more detail.
So first you have the New tab option, which you can use to create a new tab.

message 4.png

Next is the Channel specific option. Here you can rename the channel you right clicked on, or make it show messages from other channels. You can also choose to close it, if clicking X buttons is not your cup of tea.
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message 5.png

Up next is the general options for all channels and chat features. Here, you can customise the font size of messages, the colours for each specific type of messages, the size of the window when you minimise it, so on. Let's take a deeper look into it, starting with the Display option.

  • Font Size: Changes the size of the messages.
  • Colors: Allows you to change the colours of the messages depending on who sends them and the type of messages they are. You're given an RGB slider for these, so you can have very specific colours.
  • Compact Size: The lines of messages that show when the chat window is minimized.
  • Show date: Show the date when the messages were sent.
  • Show channel names: Shows the name of the channels with each message.
  • Activate on join: Toggle making the window big whenever you join a room.
  • Popup ingame: Togglethe chatbox showing up when a message is sent during a race.
  • Show Hints & Tips: Toggle the ingame hints and tips.
  • Compact on inactive: Chat window goes small when you go Away from Keyboard.
The Channels option allows you to create a new channel or join an existing one. The Sound option allows you to toggle Quick Message sounds on and off, and also allows you to enable or disable playing a sound when you receive a new private message. Reset to default resets all the options.

This concludes the Message system section.

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9. Reporting players

Found a person playing dirty, ramming and slamming everyone to make sure they win? Or did you stumble upon a filthy exploiter who's ruining everyone's fun? Maybe somebody breaking the rules in general? (Which you can find here, by the way: https://community.projecttorque.racing/threads/game-rules-read-me.258/)
In that case, save a replay and submit a report ticket right here in the forums. Let's see how you can do that.


First you need to click on the Reports subforum, under the Tickets category.


From there, click "Post thread". Don't worry, the only people who can see these messages are you and the admins.


From there, you can create your report. Make sure to attach screenshots and/or replays displaying the bad behaviour you've caught red handed. Be sure to include multiple replays so that the violations can be properly verified, so that proper judgement can be done. To attach files, click on the "Attach files" button below the message box. Once done, hit the "Post thread" button and your report will be sent on its way.

This concludes the reports section

banner 17.png

10. Options

Let's look into how you can adjust your game and have it work the best for your needs. We will go through every tab in the options menu.


Up first is the Video settings. From here you can adjust your graphics settings, resolution, as well as enabling and disabling stuff like a pseudo-motion blur effect, post effects and noise. Adjust these to your liking.


Up next is the Sound tab. Adjust the volume of various things here. Also select the type of music you'd like to listen to. My music will play music that you have put in the music folder in the game's directory. (Located in Steam\steamapps\common\Project Torque\music\mymusic). Voice feedback will disable the announcer, who announces things like "Perfect Drift" and "Winner!". Up to you if you don't wanna hear the guy's beautiful voice every 5 seconds.


This is the Control tab, where you can adjust your inputs. There are three tabs, each pointing at different functions of the game. General has gameplay inputs, Sound has sound related inputs and Chat has chat related inputs. On the right there's also input test, as well as deadzone and steering linearity sliders that you can adjust to your liking. Moreso, you can even set up your wheel or gamepad for this game. More on that later.


This is the Game tab. Here you can change things like transmission, measurement units and other options to refine your gameplay experience. Virtual Gearstick enables the ability to shift using the mouse, accompanied with an on-screen shifter next to the speedometer. Wheel steering range affects the amount of turning you can do, so adjust this according to your gamepad or wheel. Steering help is a helper which helps you out whenever you're cornering. Fiddle around with this option to see what fits your driving best. Head cam options affect the F1 camera.



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This is the Chat Presets tab. Here you can select from four chat presets: Two male and two Female options. Presets 5-0 can be changed into messages of your liking! Make sure to include something nice.

This concludes the Settings section.

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11. Controller setup

So you've got a wheel or a gamepad and you want to make it work with this game. Easy thing.
Project Torque has native controller and wheel support, so let's see how you can get your gamepad ready for your racing experience!

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First step is to right click on Project Torque, then click on Properties.

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From there, change Steam Input Per-Game to Forced off, so that the game uses its native input support.
Once you do that, plug your controller or wheel in (or your dusty Guitar Hero guitar that you haven't used in centuries), launch the game and then head to the Control tab in Options to set it up.

This ends the Controller setup section.

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12. Troubleshooting

Got an issue with the game? Here's the solution to the most common problems.
  • Can't launch game/Boots up to a black screen: There are two solutions to this one. First solutions is going to the game options directory, located at Steam\steamapps\common\Project Torque\save\game, and deleting the two option files in there. The second solution is installing your game on another hard drive.
  • Cannot log in the Europe/NA/SEA server: Try deleting the chat options for the server you can't log in on, located in Steam\steamapps\common\Project Torque\save\Chat. If that does not work, try deleting the options or try reinstalling your game.
  • Cannot log in: Make sure you've created an account here on the forum, since old accounts from the old days don't exist anymore. If you have an account and still can't log in, try resetting your password.
  • Cannot connect to the login server: This issue is mainly related to your ISP. In this case, try using a VPN.
  • Servers are down: This is most likely due to server maintenance or servers restarting.
Is your question not answered here? Head to the Support subforum and create a new thread. There, someone will help you out. Or join the official PT Discord to receive help, as well as meeting people to play the game with, stay updated with the game's development and more.

This concludes the Troubleshooting section.

This guide is, by no means, complete. This should, however, cover the basics of the game. Therefore, the basic guide is wrapped up. I'll probably continue this with some more extra things, or whatever else I missed on the basics.
Hope this helped out. Have fun, and welcome to the world of Project Torque. See you on the track! : )

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From this point on, things posted are going to regard things that are less basic. This part of the guide will probably be written at a slower rate.

A heads up: If you wanna check out what's being worked on or getting ironed out, check out the official to-do list over at https://trello.com/b/4ApDRzWM/pt-todo-list
You can see everything that's planned there.
For further development talk, head over to the Discord server.