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The following rules are currently being worked on. Expect them to change. Feedback welcome.

General Game Rules

1.1 Do not cheat or use tools or glitches to gain advantage in game.
1.2 Do not harass other players (including staff). This includes racist, homophobic language etc
1.3 Do not use excessive profanity
1.4 Do not set up multiple accounts for the use of boosting yourself or other players.
1.5 Do not share your account with other people, you will lose it.
1.6 Do not modify files in the game directory or reverse engineer them.
1.7 Do not promote websites or services in game such as your Twitch, YouTube or affiliate links.
1.8 Do not impersonate other people, this includes celebrities, YouTubers and streamers etc.
1.9 Do not monitor network traffic to work out other player's IP addresses.

Gameplay Rules
2.1 Do not intentionally ram people during races (as in go into a race just to ram others and not actually participate in the race).
2.2 Do not intentionally block tracks (as in to block a road to disrupt a race).
2.3 Do not wall ride, use glitches etc to gain advantage over other players.
2.4 Do not use bots or helpers to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Crew Rules
3.1 Do not include profanity, insults, registered trademarks, derogatory remarks, sexual or illegal words or sentences in your crew Name, Description etc
3.2 Do not link to anything other than your crew website.
3.3 Do not make reference to addictive or illegal substances or their use, or any other illegal activities

Community Rules
4.1 Any form of racism, hate speech, witch hunting, sexism, personal attack, or harassment (this include DM harassment of another user of our server) will result in a mute, and may result in a ban. Offensive jokes do count under this rule.
4.2 Only Safe For Work content is allowed. NSFW/L content will be deleted on sight. Continuous disregard of this rule will result in a mute, and/or a warn. It might also result in a ban.
4.3 No drama from outside sources. This includes other Discord servers, reddit, forums or anywhere else it might've come. Remember that airing dirty laundry in our public channels is also prohibited.
4.4 Keep discussion in the relevant rooms. We have many chat rooms for all sorts of discussion. Please keep relevant discussion in each of their respected rooms.
4.5 Only chat in English unless specified. Our team and Discord as a whole speak and type in English. Please only speak and type in the English language in the main chat rooms. Localised chat rooms will be set up if required. Please only talk in that localised language in those chat rooms.
4.6 No Spam. Spamming your YouTube Channel, Instagram or what ever will result in a mute. There will be a room dedicated to self promotion but only for Project Torque or gaming related content.
4.7 Politics Free Zone There will be no discussion on local or world politics in this Discord as it is a Politics Free Zone. We don't care what or who's side you are on. This place is for gaming only. This includes gaming politics such as GamerGate.

If found to be in violation of any of these rules. Your account maybe out right terminated, reset to zero or reset to an earlier status.
Lower severity punishments include warnings, temp bans from the game etc

All players are responsible for their own account. If you share your account or let others use it and they break a rule, we do not take this into account when it comes to our decision.
You should set a strong and unique password. We are not responsible for account hacks due to poor passwords generated by players.

Players who have committed offences before these rules were made public on October 27th, will be looked at case by case.
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