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Weird grass behaviour


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After driving the Intense around, I couldn't help but notice it losing all speed when it touches the grass in Circuit or San Francisco Marina. This happened with the Savage too, so I decided to look a bit into it.
From what I have tested and seen, these two and the Millennium seem to behave this way. It's best explained in video form, so here it is.
Note how the Stallion and the Akira handle the grass vs how the three aforementioned cars handle it. In the end of the vid, I show a comparison between the Intense and the Cobra in terms of how both handle SF's grass. All tests were done in Sim with max upgrades.
It gives these cars an unfair disadvantage on these courses, given they can't use the shortcuts other cars do, and it can be a pretty unfair situation should you go off course.
This happens on Circuit, SF Marina, Cali Raceway, Cali Downtown and Nurgenhoch.
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That grass would be like black ice to my Supra's summer tires for sure.
If memory serves me those eagle F1 tires had a 10/9/2 traction rating.
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