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How to change your username or delete your account?


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If you drive with Kain, SnelWeg, BlackHorse or TheFallen you will see what potential Lion's got.
I'll try giving it a chance, since im just a new player and I may be talking bs about Lion.
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Also, tips with Lion would be greatly appreciated- I really want to see the big potential the Lion has.
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Atm I am driving Lion with 250 degrees, 10% steering help and only balancer acc a. But you have to keep in mind that I am only an average driver. Maybe the really good drivers have a better setup that will suit you better.
If you want to buy a class 2 car, Quadro would be a good car. Or if you are a bit more patient go for the small Cobra, but I didn't buy it myself. I waited till I have been able to buy the Spiedo. If I would start again, maybe I would directly aim for the Buggy because it is even able to beat Panama on a lot of tracks.


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I just bought the Quadro, but I dont want to judge it too quickly as it handles like a truck to turn. But, I just realised thunder races you can gain more money/exp as well

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Yes it's quite heavy. I am running it with 405 degrees and 10% steering help. Try Drag, Tokyo Highway, 1km Sprint.
what are you comparing here? 5 laps on wangan drag is probably clear, but if you got a full ta lobby (or atleast a half decent) then the payout is by far better in ta and also more efficient if you only got a few boosters.

Quadro on drag gets always dusted by the c-racer and probably the van.
Its still lighter than the c-racer and the van so it got the better curve speeds.

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How to delete your account? I want to delete my account.

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hello i would like for my account to be deleted
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how can i delete my account?

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El nombre de usuario en el juego se puede cambiar con el elemento de cambio de nombre de usuario en el juego. Cuesta un par de GP.
Puedo borrar tu cuenta. Se perderá cualquier progresión realizada, XP / RP ganado, etc.
puedes borrar mi cuenta????