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Black Screen on Startup FIX

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Didn´t find a fitting existing thread, so whoopdedoo don´t mind if I do.
I did already find a fix, but maybe other experiencing this might need the help as well.

The Bug:
Game started via Steam (and also directly via .exe), Splash logo appears, Game launches and takes fullscreen, however only shows black screen with a few seconds of the background music. Then my monitor proceeds to switch off as if it had lost signal. The game doesn´t crash, however it doesn´t respond or show any picture. When Alt-Tabbing out of the game onto the Desktop, the monitor came back to life, showing my desktop as if nothing were, the game is minimized on the bottom and constantly playing the background music. Switching back to the game returns to the black screen and no signal.
This happened on my PC with my old HDD as well as my new SSD and after a full windows reinstall (unrelated to the bug, HDD gave up on life). Deleting the option files as said in Troubleshooting didn´t help, neither did the usual Compatibility Mode, 640 x 480 mode or Admin.

The Fix:
Restart the PC in Safe Mode with Networking, Launch the game, Login, Enter Options menu, Set fitting resolution and format.
Close the game, restart PC normally, Start playing again, hopefully with actual game.

Intel i5-2500K 8 GB
Nvidia GeForce 960 GTX 3GB
Win 10 64bit
1920 x 1080 resolution

Unfortunately couldn´t make screenshots before fixing.

Note: Never had the issue on my laptop with similar specs but 1600 x 900 screen. Resolution issue?


That similar problem also happened someone else before. We ended up fixing it by moving the game location to another location.
Somehow, the game doesn't like specific locations. But it's rarely happening.