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Al Capone on the run - discussion thread

Tonight Al Capone just escaped from prison, he is out on the streets.
His gang already joined him, but the police is right after him.
Will he be able to escape?

Goal: reach finish line in front of the police
Rules: none - everything is allowed
Police car (1): Spiedo
Al Capone (1): Phoenix or below
Gang (2): every car allowed
Gamemode: SIM
Track: Tokyo Grand Race 10 laps
Prices: if you consider being mentioned in the Hall of Fame is worth participating, this is yours

As far as I can remember this event started back in LevelR. I am not perfectly sure but I guess Backster, Pacifier, Uranus, Fayola and some others created this lovely event.
If some of you know more about this please correct me. A lot of you will remember the wonderful LRCC Uranus and another guy whose name I cannot remember conducted. Or the famous prime time events Fayola held.
In these days as I remember the police was driving Stallion (2 or 3, I dont know exactly), Al Capone (1) was driving a class 2 car and the gang (4 or 5) was driving former class 5 (Spiedo, Harpoon, Evo, WRX).
At Heat Online because of a little lack of players it has been reduced to a 4 player event.
Police: Harpoon, Al Capone Phoenix and below and gang 2 Panama or Savage.
The event has been held as a jackpot event. The event room had a password, at global race start was announced and at the selected time room was opened. So there were random participants.
Everytime the police won the price was added to the jackpot. No random group was able to win this event.
So then at the time the jackpot had a considerable amount crews could form and apply for participating.

If you want to see the crew that won, look at that video:

So please join in to discuss what would be best for this event. Maybe Arcade could be better because there are very few sim players.
Just let me know your thoughts, then we will make some test races. When we got a good result we can do this 4 fun.

Deus Iratus

Looks like he has been back in jail for a while now.
But there have been rumors that he is planning an outbreak this saturday.
In contrast to the last time he tried to escape, he wants to make it more silent with cars that dont get noticed that easy (cl1-4) .

Its also been said, that he will reward those who get him out of the California Downtown prison and out of the town aswell.