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Steam Release FAQ

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Steam Release FAQ

Can't download from Steam
Not sure why this has happened but the game is released on Steam, Steam just not showing the install button.
Go to https://steamdb.info/app/1112400/ and click on the green Install button top right.

This has been fixed, head over to the store page now to play. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1112400/

Game fails to open.
Make sure the following are installed, Steam should install these for you.
Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package
DirectX End-User Runtime

Failed to connect to Login Server.
This is due to some connection issue between your PC and out servers. This could be anti virus, firewall, router or ISP.
We have been unable to replicate this issue on our end so can't provide help with this yet.
Tests with VPNs have worked though so try one of those.

Game is laggy and cars are flying around and off the track.
This could be a number of things. At the moment the game servers are all located in London, UK.
We plan on moving North America and Asia servers to their own regions asap, this will help.
The game also runs on P2P technology. So connect to the game server that you are located nearest to.

Tried to log in with my Steam account but it says my password is incorrect.
You need to register on the forum and use the forum username/email and password to login, not your Steam username and password.

Error, old client version.
Beta client will no longer work. Download from Steam.
If you have downloaded from Steam and you get old client error, restart Steam to force an update.

Steam Billing FAQ

Where can I buy GP?
In-game, go to the Store then click on "BUY GP" on the bottom menu.
Or go to, https://steambilling.projecttorque.racing/

"Error: SQLSTATE[22007]: Invalid datetime format: 1366 Incorrect string value: '\xE3\x83\x85'..."
This is due to none standard text in your username such as Emoji. Remove these and you will be able to buy GP.

"Error: Your local currency is not available yet, sorry for the inconvenience. "
We support most of the currencies that Steam supports. We are working on adding the few remaining.
Let us know if you get this error and what currency you pay in.

Error: User::getForumInfo(): Cannot find player in Forum database
You need to have a forum account and sign into the game at least once before you can redeem keys or buy GP.
If you have done the two requirements above, get in touch https://community.projecttorque.racing/forums/billing-and-account.29/

"Error: Anti-fraud system: this account is not trusted by Steam"
This has been fixed, please try again.

"Error: SQLSTATE................"
Please copy the error and create a post in our private billing support forum https://community.projecttorque.racing/forums/billing-and-account.29/

Crowdfund FAQ

Yet to receive redeem key
All emails have gone out and delivered. Please check spam folder. Email will come from [email protected]
If you have checked spam folder and there is no email, create a topic in our private support forum.

Only received one key, but I backed the crowdfund multiple times.
We will be sending out the 2nd keys later today, 21st December.

I get an error when trying to redeem my reward key on Steam.
Read the email, there is a link in it that directs you to the redeem page.

Where are my 2x Boosters and other things.
Read the rest of the email...
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