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Why login girls were removed...

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Last month we put out multiple polls to see if players wanted the login girls removed or not.
Personally I wanted to keep them, I am not bothered by them at all and just want to keep the game as close to original as possible.

But after a lot of feedback, majority being supportive of keeping them, I have taken the decision to remove them.

The reason being removing them is after talking to parents and people who use a shared PC.
Many of these people had concerns with their children and others in the room seeing these images and it makes them uncomfortable.
And while this game is for 13+, if it means a load of people just wont play because of it, and that grid girls are not necessary, they have been removed.

I must say because it will get brought up.
We are not doing this for PC, feminist agenda or religious reasons and we have NOT been pressured by anyone to do this.
We at Project Torque support Grid Girls (in the sense that women should be allowed to do what they want and if that is being a grid girl, so what let them).

Removing them leaves a spot open for other items, and I hope once we have the tools, that we add some sort of news and events display there.
Note, they will remain in tutorial and where ever else they are used such as XP and RP boosters.
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