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Unable to open game?


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Again can't start the game. It was fine until today.. I've tried uninstall and fresh install - same thing. Game build 5010 was running, now on 5011 it doesn't start.
Please upload Event Viewer error for the game.,


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Here it is..
I think it's the same error as the non-steam version that I got 2 months ago. When the steam version was released, I was able to play it (until today).



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Just.. Help...Please
Save the file to your Documents folder, then attach to a reply to this forum thread.
Note you will need to compress it as a ZIP to upload. Event logs are over the 20MB forum limit.
Updated: Problem was fixed with new game updating. Thank you so much.



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Yes, it was OK until yesterday.... I think it's something with the double XP/RP - the same happened for Christmas..


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AFAIK the MSVCR90.dll error and some other .dll problems go away if the standallone Directx9.0c is installen on the system. The internet is full of games with such problems.
Even if nobody believes it, Windows 10 and other versions don´t have the full DirectX9 onboard.

The problem is not solvable with any DirectX online-installer, these always tell that you use a newer version already.
edit: on some newer systems this will also trigger a .NET3.5 Installation
For example the latest DirectX9 standallone-installer can be downloaded here:
choose "Manuelle Installation"


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through the steam client the game does not start.
Please, restore the link to download the archive with the game client through the forum, as it was before!
at that time the game worked great! :cry: