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unable to connect to login server


Now I cant login neither direct nor with hotspot shield that I was using for 1 year. :(:mad:
So .. bye bye PT
I can confirm that using Hotspot Shield Basic you cannot connect to the login server. I tried it myself right now.
Until today you were able to connect with it?


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We have not made any changes to our network or IP ban list so this might be a Hotspot Shield issue.

Will work on the proxy routing server next week to see if that fixes the connection issue.


I used hotspot shield vpn for more than 1 year because it was really free, not for 30 days moneyback warranty or so. I search for another free free vpn ... didnt find, if somebody knows another one, would be great thx. I tried ExpressVPN with servers in EUA, Canada and London ... didnt work too,
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