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Thanks for bringing PT back!


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In the late 2000's i was desperately searching for any game that reminded me of the late-great Motor City Online. There were MCO mods and other games that were okay, but nothing scratched the itch just right -until PT came along. Granted, i doubt anything will truly scratch the old MCO itch other than the game itself, but PT came pretty close and obsessed me for the entire time it was online. By the time it disappeared, i'd spent a couple hundred bucks on it and was waaaaay up in levels. I'm perfectly comfortable doing all that again (sounds fun) if you can keep the game around.

I really want to expresshow glad i am that this is the vanilla PT experience. I played Heat Online for awhile, but it always left me wishing we had the original PT back. I realize there are plans to bring in the open world element of Heat, and that's cool. I'm mostly just here for the tracks, cars and MMO aspects at the core of PT. There's some magic in there.

I know it's a matter of seeing if there's a sustainable business model here, so i'll do my part to buy GP with some frequency and race as much as i can. I hope this is a success! And thanks again!



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Cheers! Thanks! All cooped up at home on a rainy weekend during a pandemic - the timing of this couldn't be better.

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1000+ players that have touched the game since revive atleast once, about 150 people peak if the time is right....
There a way to much players that played the beta and the first 1-2 month after release and then just stopped playing the game.
Im happy too, that PT is back, but im afraid the game wont last long with this small amount of players.


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I do wonder how it will play out in the long-run. I remember when GP only 'girls' were introduced that increased the speed of a car so much that it was blatantly pay-to-win after that. I can't remember if it was Heat or the end of the original PT that put those 'girls' in, but i remember it stopped me cold. Hopefully this version is in a 'learning from previous mistakes' mode and we can continue to enjoy it as time goes by.


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girls always been there as long as I remember. The acceleration girl was there in 2009 for sure


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Maybe it was a tweak to how they worked? It's been awhile and i don't remember exactly, but i'd played up past level 30 without feeling like i had to pay to win. I mean, with the slightly better-performing GP only licensed cars, the pay to win aspect was always there, but i remember something with the girls that pushed it over the top for me and it was well after the game had been live for awhile. Maybe you used to be able to buy them with RP too? I wish i could be more specific - a lot has happened in the last decade...
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Whatever the situation was - i'm happy to be playing and enjoying it again. I definitely don't want to detract from the awesomeness of having PT back!