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I am moving all template creation progress photos to here. Keep in mind the graphics on the cars will most likely change before submission, as they are just quick throw-together designs. Also the templates are currently in .PSD layered format. As more wireframe/models become available thru official channels, I will try to get them converted to a layered format as well.

First Car done - the Mazda RX-7. I did notice that for some of the detailed stuff, it looks like they tried to combine all the templates into 1. At least the main body and where players will actually do design work isn't interfered. I did add some details on top of existing items to make them look good for picture references. I believe where I added the details, those items are actually located on different templates and will show Invictus's textures.

You can see in the picture that a bunch of the trim work is all in 1 very small section, and piled on top of one another. It isn't possible to break them up so each section can be colored correctly. Examples of this are the trim around the windows and the wipers. They are all in the same small box on the template. The wheels are another example. They stacked both the tires and the rims on top of one another in their own separate box.

Phoenix completed.

Also figured out how the wheels are laid out on the RX-7, so the rims and tires can now be painted separately (photo in previous post not updated).
Panama Completed. Not much I can do about the front headlights, as they have the plastic outer layer pf the lights mapped to the same location as the windows.

Next up is the Corvette C6 aka Savage Z6. For the Vette/Savage, the Corvette logo is mapped to a full size image, so the viewer uses the entire template as the texture for it. As we have the Savage in game, you'll need to use the emblem locations seen in game as a reference for designs, if you choose to work around them. In game the emblems will look correctly as it uses its own template.

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Last but not least, the Mazda RX-8 Type-S. On a special note, they forgot to add the wheels in with this model. I guess this one gets drug around the track. But on the bright side, the windows can be seen thru to know where you are being pulled to, lol.

Next up, waiting for Invictus for more wireframes.
I do have a method of acquiring the templates, but in legal terms, I'd be unable to release them publicly. Same with the models, so people could check their designs.
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