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Steam Release 20th December!


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It has been a busy few months here at Project Torque HQ. With the help of several people we have finally passed Steam verification and have a release date set for the 20th of December.
If we can release a few days earlier, we will.

It has taken quite a bit of work to get to this stage, and we know you all have been waiting a long time to get the full game released on Steam.

We would like to thank everyone who played during the open and closed beta. Your valuable feedback on the game, economy and physics has been noted and hopefully we can fix all the issues you have brought up.

Backers of the crowdfund should receive keys that will gift them their rewards. We will be giving out GP and Boosters, with other rewards being made available when they are available.

Please do go add the game to your Steam wish list. You will get notified when we release the game.
what happends with out levels and cars then? if you erase entire version and new one comes up? is those still will be same or we lose all data ??
"... TA/Pro - pricing updated, Buggy - pricing updated, D1 Falcon - pricing updated, D1 Toxico - pricing updated ... "

Jack, dont forget to update the class 1 Corus TRANSMISSION upgrade prices as well. (was 4 times as expensive as other cl1s in open beta)
Happy news! I hope cars, missions, coming back - and what we gain(cars, levels, RPs) will stay at our side!
Hope to no laggs, disconnects, and bonuses, gifts from mystery boxes( at inbox), car sales to come :)
And hope the most important thing: Lot of player, much more in VS Sim than now!
Thanks for the chance for it... :)
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Не смешно, отсчет идет.
ага тоже жду )) :)жду не дождусь уже дрифта как раньше :прохладный:
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невозможно подключиться к серверу !! когда игра бета начнется?
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Эй, мужики!
Ребята здесь это официальный отсчет времени, так что всего полчаса, и мы можем загрузить его на пару :)