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PT not in Google


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Hi all ..... y when me search in Google on Best Racing Games Online in Net . PT not appear !!


Even i YouTube PT not appear when search on best racing online in Net !!


I think the game needs to be present in Google and popular sites because there are many people that you do not know !! Here, for example, 90% do not hear about it before, they hear about Need For Speed Heat and BUBG, but they laugh or wonder when I tell them that there is a game better than NFS and they say from where did you know this game, we did not hear about it before that !!
I know that the game is not over yet, but everyone should hear about it because I am sure if 90% of those who play NFS Will know PT best than NFS it, at least half of them will leave it and come to PT .


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PT will be back on google IF we bring in more audience.

It will become the best racing game sooner or later, it will take time so.


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He Google'd "best car games for pc online for play free"

We are top result for the game's name (sometimes Steam is on top and we are 2nd).


We don't promote the game under "best car games for pc online for play free" so no it won't show up if you search using those terms.

"Free 2 Play Racing returns our Steam page to the top. Our domain hits 4th.

We don't show up using search term "Free to Play", which is something that will be fixed soon.


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Jack, the game doesn't unless show up if you just mention Steam !!! Otherwise, people will not see it here, for example, 90% here do not know Steam or games on Steam !! but all here know GOOGLE SEARCH .


For clarity, the amount of players has nothing to do with anything showing up on google. That is mostly handled by metatags in the header of the parent html document. I use the term html although it could be any index (the first page) type of page coded in any web language. Search engines also pick up on other text within a website but that will get confusing if explained here.

What more players might do is increase the number of clicks on the page. That is not going to automatically get Google's algorithms (or any other search provider) to automatically put PT at the top of their results for such broad searches.

There is more to it than this. What I have attempted to explain is but a small but important part.