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Proxy test for users forced to use VPNs to connect.


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We have turned this off for now while we work on alternatives.

If you require a VPN to connect to the login server, please try the following.

Open Notepad.exe as administrator


File > Open
Copy and paste the following into the address bar

Bottom left, open the dropdown and click All Files.
Then open the hosts file.

Add the following to the bottom of this file play.projecttorque.racing

Should look something like this.

File > Save.

You should now be able to connect to Project Torque login service.

NOTE, this is a trial and this IP may change or stop working at any time.

Please leave feedback below if you are now able to connect without a VPN.


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Launched Hotspot Shield Basic to simulate a circumstance of not being able to connect.
Followed the instructions above.
Still no chance to connect.


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Same for me.
Followed the instructions as given but no changes.
I get stucked in Loading Screen and don't get further to Login.


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so... still no hope to be able to login from Brazil ? :chore::chore::chore::chore::chore:
Still looking into it.

The fact that is only Brazil gives us a clue that there is something up with Brazil's network, CPE's equipment, or peering with Germany.
Users are able to ping and see websites from Germany so looks to be due to port numbers maybe.