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Post your computer specs/rig!

Which Windows version are you using to play Project Torque?

  • Windows XP / Vista (EOL)

  • Windows 7 (EOL)

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 10

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New member
Tower : MSI Trident
Monitor : C Ultra View 4k
OS : Windows 10 x64
CPU : Intel core i7 10700 2.90Ghz
Ram : 16Go SDRAM DDR4 2666MHz
GPU : MSI Geforce RTX 2070 SUPER
Steering wheel : Thrustmaster T300RS
Pedals : T-LCM
Keyboard : Listo 😂
Mouse : Genius


New member
x86_64 gaming computer
OS: Debian 11 with custom Linux - 5.10 build
CPU: Ryzen 5600
GPU: Radeon HD 7850 (yes, the old one)
16GB ram
an assortment of storage devices serving different purposes
low-quality switch controller
software notes: running the game with a wineprefix setup automagically by lutris, using wine-5.4-lutris(x86_32), steam is running as the latest native linux client. currently use RADV for gaming purposes but tempted to try the game with AMDVLK. i get a locked 144fps.

ARM64 development platform
OS: Cadmium Debian 11
Device: Lenovo Duet Chromebook
latest panfrost installed. currently, this game requires dotnet35, which cannot be reliably installed within the FEX emulator as far as i know, so this game has not been tested on it, though if there's ever a mono-compatible official build ill try to get it working immediately.