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Open up Offroad maps to all cars

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The idea: Open up Python Creek and Abu Simbel to all cars

A feature that was always there, which somehow is not here.
Right now the Offroad category is both lackluster and unappealing, since most Offroaders aren't all that fun to drive, and the Offroad tracks collectively sum up to 7 tracks. That aside, all offroaders are currently spread out in classes, meaning that you have one Offroader per category, which means that unless everyone has the same car, you will most likely barely have a fair competition.
This is unlike Thunder Alley, where it's an entire gamemode on its own and you can only race the same car against each other.
Offroaders, and consequently Offroad maps, simply cannot stand by themselves, since they are simply just not very appealing to the public. In terms of Offroaders basically becoming deprecated, most of them always were used for Sumo, where their huge weight and 4WD shined brighter than ever, or in CTF where their 4WD and agility could work best (Ranger and Buggy mainly). Other than that, you never saw an Offroader on an Offroad track. People who pick the Offroaders pick them mainly because they like them, rather than unlocking the Offroad maps.
Opening them up to all cars would give VS mode 7 new tracks to race in, which are pure offroad tracks, something we don't exactly have (Closest to pure offroad is Mud and Construction, but even those have some concrete), and it also gives CTF a lot more new fields to fight on for the flag. It was quite fun back in the day, and there was no car that ever got stuck on any of the tracks (if that's a concern).
As of now, those tracks not only go wasted, but the majority of new players don't even know they exist, and it's a shame cause they can be quite fun to race on with cars that don't handle like soap bars or pogo sticks (the C-Racer and the Ranger respectively, which are arguably the currently most accessible Offroaders).
Besides, if someone wants to do a pure offroad race on the tracks, they can use the "Same Category" option for the room and have at it, which means that even then Offroaders won't really be "deprecated". It's a shame to let these two maps go wasted like this. Of course, the topic is open for discussion, and in fact it's actually encouraged to see what everyone thinks of this.
Here's some pictures to maybe help convince you.
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