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Based on what am I seeing here:

unknown (2).png

what if you use the same idea for STYLING? Under styling we could have FLAMES, TRIBALS, STRIPES, FLAGS, SPECIAL and so on.
I've been playing around with vinyls lately and some are real easy to add ;) Here's an example:

Let's take this vinyl and load it on 3 different cars (Lion, Kawana and Corus):

ScxViewer 2020-06-19 23-18-45-92.png ScxViewer 2020-06-19 23-18-42-19.png ScxViewer 2020-06-19 23-18-44-36.png
ScxViewer 2020-06-19 23-22-04-02.png ScxViewer 2020-06-19 23-22-01-05.png ScxViewer 2020-06-19 23-22-02-33.png

What I'm trying to show here is that it's exactly the same file loaded on different cars. This will allow people to have more unique cars. Although on some cars it might need to be cropped because this might get in the way of the mirrors or any other body part, but it's fixable ;)


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I have something big planned with vinyl options. If I can get it to work, it will be dank.
Looking at that, it tells me that (at least for those 3 cars) they have aligned up all the body parts in the same general location. That might make template building a lot easier. Won't work for more location specific things, but will for general stuff like that.