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Nevada SS


Warning: since I have no idea how the game engine works, this suggestion might be a waste of your reading time

The Navada's shocks are too stiff. If they were softer (no idea of an exact value but slightly stiffer than the Savage would be ideal), the car would handle better.

The Nevada's transmission has 5 short gears. If it had the Savage's transmission it would reach an impressive top speed. It would be all around faster than it's current iteration, at least in my imagination.

Six gears would make it more agile on the twists and turns which is why this appears as two suggestions but is not.


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The Nevada is moreso in need of getting its upgrades buffed.
Pretty sure it'll be fine then.


if they are the same stage 5 and 6 from yesteryear, it will not help. The way Invictus made the Camaro (Nevada) is such that even if it had stage 11 upgrades it would still handle like it does which is sad because that car does not have to be like that. The shocks are simply too stiff. Upgrades (at least the previous game version ones) do not address that. In fact, they became slightly stiffer with the full stage 6 upgrades. The stage 6 upgrades also still limit the Nevada to a 5 speed gearbox. Again, this might be only the previous version of this car but if the upgrades are the same we will just have a faster and even less competitive car. Hope I'm wrong but I'm willing to bet a dollar this whole paragraph and the post before it ring true if/when the upgrades are released.
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