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i download PT from STEAM to WORK ALL VERSION but MY MUSIC WONT WORK !! just it work in old version pls HELP to me be can work it in last release to PT
Well it works for me just fine and I have everything in that format and inside the "my music" folder inside the game's folders
Yes ! i confirm work with this path

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Torque\music\mymusic

after you copy music here you need to go in game menu

OPTION > SOUND > MUSIC SCHEME ( select my music ) > Apply ok !


i have an mp3 format song but it's can't opening and i can't listening. help please

u put ur songs in my music folder ? if u put it i think problem maybe in ur song file , i hav over 70 songs in my folder music nd all done , be sure to all name song write by eng lang , if it hav any strange Letter lang its not working in game Untitled.png
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