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More paint options update *WIP*

Sorry haven't gotten back sooner, but should be able to mess around with the toolkit starting next week. Will see what is all there. I may have a method of getting the wireframe if there isn't one provided. (haven't opened the zip yet, lol)

When I do work on templates, I can make them for Photoshop (.psd), or one that Photoshop CS4 can export to. Any other formats I could save each layer as a .png to preserve transparancy, then another could compile them together.
I have attached the toolkit so you can see what is required.
Hopefully, we can grab the wire.png files from Invictus but I suspect it won't be hard to generate them from the models.

Looking at the toolkit, it might take a bit of time to figure out what each gray part is. But outside of that, it is possible to make actual templates with what is provided for the 5 cars. I do have 3ds Max 2012, so it would be very handy if you were able to get the actual models in one of the following formats: .max, .3ds, .dwg, .ls (Lightscape), or .skp (Google Sketchup). I am willing to be that would be like pulling teeth though, so not holding my hopes up.

I did use the Contact Us part of the site, as I have a little info there that isn't public knowledge.
I've just been posting updates on the progress of transfering the wireframe images into actual templates that can be used. I have now moved them to another thread. Also when I do get them completed, where I shall send the templates (no designs, body will be clear of any designs for others to use)?
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In regards to the Toolkit, what is shown as Black on the .png's is what is referred to as a Mask. Do you know if that Mask has to remain black, or can it be colored differently? I know in other games I have been able to work with templates in, the Mask layer can be any color, as the models do not call for information from that part of the templates. Other than that, I can post up the .psd files.