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Xbox 360 Pad - "very old/used"
Ingame i´ve set: 900 degrees, 100% steering support for wheel, 100% nonliniear steering, 0-1% deadzone

Would be great if the 100% Throttle saturation could be reached 1-2% earlier, at 98-99%, because nearly all pads do only 99% throttle.


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I need help, when i try to use my Driving force GT the game doesn't recognize it and with that i mean when i try to change a keybind, nothing happens. Thanks in advance!


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Chassis: RSeat N1
Wheel: Sim Racing Bay 30nm OSW Direct Drive
Steering wheel: 5 different QR1 quick release USB wheel rims
Pedals: Heusinkveld sprint pedals
Shifter: Fanatec Clubsport shifter
Handbrake: Fanatec handbrake
Vibration feedback: 2 ButtKicker Simulation Kit
Monitor: 55" Led tv
VR: Valve Index VR
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Thrustmaster T300RS GT edition on my end, lovely piece of kit. There's some pretty crazy setups in here too, no joke!
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