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*"IDEA:" collection*

Deus Iratus

This is not an actual suggestion, but an collection of most of the ideas that were posted on the offficial Discord Server.
The ideas included were clearly flagged with *IDEA:* as the rules from the channels said. I didnt included ideas that were alrdy implemented or clearly denied by Mods/Admins. I also dont include ideas that dont make sense/cant be done or were written to bad/long to understand the idea itself.

The reason behind this, it to bring order into the mess that was created on the Discord channel and make it a little bit easier for ppl. to catch up with ideas.
*It was also created to prevent the creation from further double posts/alrdy posted ideas.

Onlinesheet version:

Download version:


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You should add the some I've posted in SUGGESTIONS, since I'm banned from DISCORD and can't post them there :D ofc if any is worthy


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It would be agood idea to allow navigating the UI with a Controller, so we must not switch every time


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It needs to find the way to increase value of online participants. I have my eyes wet , when i remember 30 members in Thunder Alley room twelve years ago...