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Gift Rewards From Career Missions Not Redeeming Properly


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You can get rewards from the Career missions such as double RP/double XP and the class 1 cars. Whenever I try to redeem a double RP gift reward from one of these missions, it just vanishes and isn't in my misc inventory. Not sure if the same happens for double XP too.

Also I got Gold on the last Career mission that gives you a Corus S3 as a reward. Even though I don't own one, it won't let me redeem it. It states that I already have the maximum from this item.

EDIT: Interestingly the Lion Sedan did get added to my garage, when I won it from the duel with Takeshi on Gold.
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Check your double XP before opening the double RP gift and you will see that the 2xRP is actually a 2xXP.

Racer will help you with Corus.