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[EGT] Enthusiasts Racing Stampede


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The Enthusiasts Racing Stampede fka Enthusiasts Gaming Team are a chill laid back crew who enjoy all game modes and don't require you to be at a certain skill level. We have a group of experienced veterans/ professional gamers / and straight up Beginners to PT. We are actively looking for new members to part of our racing family and gaming community. :)

1. Please, absolutely no Racism or Discrimination of any kind.
2. No slanderous actions or disparaging words of any kind, no belittling or defamatory behavior
3. We are unbiased. impartial, open minded; with that said please respect everyone just like you would like the same respect in return.
4. Be open to play in all game modes.
5. Don't ram others, when dealing with a rammer let off the gas, brake a bit and let them fly into the wall or off the course right in front of you instead, and then you drive right by.
6. Show Respectable Sportsmanship from Start To Finish.
7. Always follow the rules of the event you are in, remember you represent all of the Stampede, your behavior reflects on all of us.
8. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Join us on Discord @ https://discord.gg/dN4R4Yn
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