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Discord Server and Phone Verification

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to participate on the Discord server again without the phone verification?
I mainly use the Discord for news and discussing some things with others players was nice but I dont trust Discord with personal data such as my phone number.

Thank you.


That option depends on the servers itself. If the server owner set the server moderation to Highest, then you got no other choice but do the mobile verification.

Also, this is my own opinion but I use phone verification and nothing happened. Discord respects privacy and only sends verifications when your account requests it.


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I have lowered it back to High.

It was on that setting due to spam that came through a few months ago. No need to have it on now.
Though be warned, it might get set again at any time.

If you have Discord installed on your PC, they already track a load of info. Having your phone number as well not going to be any worse than what it already is.
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