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Contract signing tomorrow :3

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We will be signing the contract tomorrow between us (the publisher) and Invictus Games (the owner and developer of PT).

Invictus has asked me to make it clear that the game code from their point of view is "considered to be unmaintainable" in terms of development and that "any further development based on the existing codebase as a high-risk financial operation".
The agreement between us and Invictus does state that they will deliver a working game but there will probably be some bugs.

I don't believe this will stop us working on the game and I have every intention on improving the game once we get going, even if it is slow, costs money, etc.
All of our revenue share will be put back into the game to make it better.

If you would like a refund, now is your last chance.
Reply to the invoice email to obtain a refund. Refunding your pledge will remove you from the backers list, early access beta and all rewards.
Refunds will need to be requested before 13:00 28/08/19 UTC
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