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As per your training, if you believe the suspected cup is guilty of the offense, you may interrogate.

If you are asking about integrating cups, that is a tricky logistics issue due to the sheer diversity of cups, not to mention demographics.

If you are wondering about interrogating cops, this is not the place nor people to ask. I'd just say not to do it. Better safe than sorry.

If you are wanting cops integrated from time to time in PT as far as chases and things of that nature, that was here and will return or so it's been written.

If by the off chance that you are talking about an actual season long cup race... There is no way to keep score of a race over multiple tracks in place (that anyone outside of the people running the show know of) BUT there are pencils, paper even a phone screen if you are fancy. I'm a No.2 guy myself and prefer a nice parchment.

If the title is suggesting that they add A.I. competition to PT, that would be awesome from time to time as an option.

This is the last attempt at this. You Sir have made me need to build a new decoder.