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Change log

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BUILD 5021 - 05/02/20

Upgraded England map, adds another 9 tracks to the map.
Enabled the rest of England tracks, for some reason around 8 were disabled. 29 in total? Some are buggy...

Added the garage back to the menu screen for players not in a crew.
BUILD 5022 - 04/03/20 - BETA BRANCH

Added new map - Kanagawa Mountains (Build 5022)
Added CTF track to Python Creek
Added new map - Johannesburg Tower (will probably remove, have fun this weekend though with it).

Added cars;
Necada SS Prime​
Panama GT​
Savage Z6​

Disabled level requirements for CTF, Drift, Drag and Explorer. Sim and TA will remain as they are.
DATABASE - 04/03/20

I have reworked the economy of the game slightly and standardised pricing in game.
This is long overdue and should make it easier for players to decide what to buy and what with.

All prices are now set to class other than Drift and TA cars which will remain as is.
Horns above class 2 are GP only.

GP prices should match RP prices better now.
10,000 RP car will cost 10 GP while the top end cars that are around 500,000 RP will cost 500 GP.

This is needed as we increased the payout quite substantially and also made boosters cheaper to buy.
Those two things have resulted in many players have a lot of in game cash that has gone unspent, granted the top end cars were left to add to the game.

Below is the updated pricing. Not that some GP prices in game are rounded up or have special pricing for parts.

Prices are subject to change without warning.
BUILD 5024 - 03/04/20

  • Fixed Kawanagawasga map ID in the game so it matches track IDs. This has fixed the white vote box issue.
  • Added alternative server IP. This might fix login connection issues for some users unable to connect to login server.
  • Changed to URLs instead of IP addresses. This should make IP changes easier as we just change the DNS instead. DNS TTL is only 2 mins.
  • Removed login girls (will make separate post on why)

We have made some backend changes and have moved to a dedicated server (previously on multiple cloud instances).
The multiple cloud instances were okay but became a nightmare to manage 5-6 servers in total just for game services.
We are now running all game services on a single dedicated host to help with management and lower downtime during weekly restart.
Might see some performance improvements too as we are on 6 cores and 12 threads that only we use (over powered for 200-300 users but will cope with 3000-5000 players easy).
Note we still run other services on their own cloud instances as they run Linux or have other security policies.

Please report back any findings. Would like to know if the white vote box is fixed and if users who use to use VPNs to connect can now connect.
You will know this fix is working for you if you see Project-Torque.com rather than ProjectTorque.Racing in the login screen.

Known bugs:
Register button is not working.
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BUILD 5028 - 23/04/20 Beta Branch MULTIPLAYER DISABLED Now live on Steam

This build includes the rework of all the maps from the later builds of the game.
Broken textures should now be fixed across the board and all new tracks within the new maps now available to be enabled.

Due to reworking all the map files, there will be a small download of around 350MB that extracts to ~3GB.

Maps updated:
  • Bristol
  • Circuit
  • Construction
  • California Raceway
  • Shanghai Rooftop
  • Highway
  • License
  • Mud
  • Sunbay
  • Jankwill Raceway (still broken sadly)
  • Red Rock
  • Doctor X
  • Piton Creek
  • Santa
  • Serpentine
  • San Francisco Marina
  • Tokyo
  • Tokyo_night
Expect most of these maps not to register checkpoints.
Please let us know which in the Beta discussion. https://community.projecttorque.racing/threads/beta-23-04-20.1101/#post-6663
Let us know if there are any broken maps or missing tracks in that thread too.

New tracks will be added over the coming weeks.
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BUILD 5029 - 03/06/20


  • Adjusted Corus S3 pricing
  • Adjusted Lion pricing
  • Adjusted Kawana pricing
  • Adjusted Miyato pricing
  • Adjusted C-Racer pricing
  • Adjusted Corall pricing
  • Adjusted Hexan GT pricing
  • Adjusted Quadro pricing
  • Adjusted Ranger 4x4 pricing
  • Adjusted Titan pricing (added horns and more colour options)
  • Adjusted TA Pro pricing
  • Adjusted Lagoon Destroyer pricing
  • Adjusted Cobra pricing
  • Adjusted Phoenix pricing
  • Adjusted Spiedo pricing
  • Adjusted Buggy Evo II pricing
  • Adjusted Stallion Toxico
  • Adjusted Harpoon pricing
  • Adjusted Nevada pricing (added horns, colour and rim options)
  • Adjusted Panama pricing (added colour option)
Note some prices have gone up and some have gone down. The standard is now set and prices across the board will be adjusted based on feedback.

Doctor X Island is now enabled.
It includes 5 race tracks and 1 Explorer track.

Nurgenhoch is now available in TA game mode.
Norlandenring and Nordlig in both directions are enabled.
Note that this might not be permanent as we do believe that TA physics does not support maps with tight corners such as this map.

Game Engine
Fixed Doctor X hex ID
Few minor tweaks

More to come.
BUILD 5029 hotfix C - 07/06/20

Updated a load of textures. This has fixed missing textures in many new and old tracks.
BUILD 5030 - 19/06/20

This update focuses on the extension of car paint options.
Read more detailed info here, https://community.projecttorque.racing/threads/more-paint-options-update-wip.1217/#post-7361
Note that this is part 1 of multiple updates around car paints. While the options are now in-game, there are no new paints for cars yet. In due course.

  • Added Yamata Intense ZX
  • Added Yamata Millennium
  • Added Akira Division R

Switched out the Level R garage for the paint shop on the main menu for users without a clan.
Hope to add this so when users are in the shop and garage it uses this room instead of clan room.

We are aware that McAfee antivirus is false flagging the game as a virus. We are working with them to resolve this issue.
More info can be found here, https://community.projecttorque.racing/threads/virus.1257/#post-7602

Some textures are not loading on some cars. We are investigating.
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BUILD 5030 hotfix 1 - 19/07/20

Fixed RedRock Speedway
Adjusted payout for Race, CTF, TA, Explorer and CTF.
BUILD 5033 - 10/09/20

Removed colour update changes. This should fix a few texture issues where cars had no texture
Fixed REGISTER button on Login page.
Added the rest of the SF tracks.

DoctorX Island map was not showing up. Recompiled and it does.
Beta Branch on Steam is now on its own server separate from the Public live game servers.
This is to allow for better testing of builds and database changes prior to public release.

Note that progression on this test server may not save, so expect account resets periodically or to be reverted to an earlier time.
Buying GP is only for Public servers. Working on setting things up so Beta branch auto gifts RP and GP for testing.
Don't expect Beta Branch to be online 247.
Build 5034 - 29/09/20

We have moved servers and at the same time have changed a few lines in the code telling the game how to connect to said servers.
There is still some work to be done to fix DB errors.
DATABASE - 11/11/20

I have applied a fix for the database. Items such as the ContentCreator are now working and are available.

DATABASE - 15/11/20

Lexon Blaze car has been added to the database and made available to be bought along with all of its customisation options.
Build 5035 - 17/03/21

Enabled missions
Missions have been reworked to remove licensed cars as well as some reworks @RacerXNFS
Mission rewards have been reworked to remove disabled items.
Mystery Boxes have been reworked and should now reward players with items. The full of items list along with chances are listed in footnotes.
Mission pictures have been upscaled using ESRGAN (more iterations to come with PT orientated scaling models).

Lexon Blaze - Texture rework @DJ_Edyo
DMG Van - Multiple fixes including wheels and rims @RacerXNFS
Kawana - Retuned @RacerXNFS
Savage - Interior modifications @RacerXNFS

We are aware of the 2 missing cars and hope to release a hotfix in the next 24 hours to fix the issue.
BUILD 5036 - 17/10/20
Hotfix is due to been pushed out to Steam at 1200 UTC. You will need to restart Steam to force the update. No game build update.

Wangan was reenabled about 2 weeks ago...

Enabled road cars on the following maps
  • Abu Simbel, aka Egypt
  • Python Creek

Known bugs. Ambient sounds not working on some maps. We are looking into this.
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The following tracks have been enabled.

Circuit / VS - Laced Spaghetti Circuit / VS - Thumb Down Circuit / VS - Crooked Field Circuit / VS - Complete Map Circuit / VS - All-time Champion's Playground Circuit / DRIFT - Drift on Fast Race Alps Serpentine / DRIFT - Drift on Rough ride Track Alps Serpentine / DRIFT - Drift on 50-50 Track England - Route #6 England - CCW River Sprint England - CW River Sprint England - Northern Sprint England - Chase the plane England - CW B road sprint England - CCW B road sprint Tokyo / VS 31 (Bravado) Track Tokyo / VS 32 (City Rush) Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRAG - High Street Drag Race Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRAG - Drag Race in the Park Track Tokyo Night / Battle Mode Track #1 Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Team drift Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on X-Treme Drift Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Highway Drift Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Around the block Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Highway haste Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Short Circuit 1 Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Short Circuit 2 Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Short Circuit 3 Track Tokyo Night / Battle Mode Track #2 Tokyo Night / Battle Mode Track #3 Tokyo Night / Battle Mode Track #4 Tokyo Night / Battle Mode Track #5 Tokyo / Short Circuit 1 (BM) Tokyo / Around the Block (BM) Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Highway haste Track Tokyo Downtowon /DRIFT - Drift on Short Circuit 1 Track Tokyo Downtowon /DRIFT - Drift on Short Circuit 2 Track Tokyo Downtowon / DRIFT - Drift on Around the block Track Tokyo / Battle Mode Track #2 Tokyo / Battle Mode Track #3 Tokyo / Battle Mode Track #4 Tokyo / Battle Mode Track #5 Tokyo / Short Circuit 1 (BM) Tokyo Night / Tokyo Barricade Tokyo / Tokyo Barricade Tokyo / Battle Mode Track #1 Tokyo / Around the Block (BM) TokyoNight / CTF 2 (High street) Track
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