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Brazillian Racers Team BRT

ABOUT: BRT was one of the two brazillian crews that existed since PT,I've joined them when it was already in LVR and stayed until the last day of HO. We were few,like 8 or 9 members,and the crew's activity were mainly on SIM VS races. Fun fact: I was the only CTF dedicated in the crew. We had a very good friendship with each other and some even became friends IRL. Our leader was Przybycien,a very skilled SIM racer who was also my closest friend there.

GOAL: Being great again. We want to find the old friends and meet new people. I dont really know if restoring this crew is actually possible as it is supposed to have very few brazillians still interested in the game if anything,but I will keep trying to make it happen. If you are old and any of this sounded familiar,please leave a reply!

-Be polite/friendly
-Tolerance with bad/wrong english writting (our home language is portuguese)

FINAL NOTES: Obviously our preference are brazillians,but anyone interested can join us and make good friends.