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Branded cars

Yea,..slapp fake ones,...as long as its aprox size and feels like it,...itll be good ?

Fake cars are the solution ... We are all waiting for the new fake cars ... We must have stopp the greed of companies that led to the closure of the game 3 times before :(.. I hope from JACK to release Mazda Drift car with new name nd new Logo
Invictus knew the licenses would run out and already had debadged versions ready to go when that happened. However they shut down the game before they needed to use them
That's quite interesting actually, I wasn't previously aware of that. I've only just discovered the re-release so the only context I have for anything related to the game is from 2009, is this information that came from Invictus themselves, through the deal with the re-release team, or simply found in the game files, etc? Curious as to how many cars they had models ready for, given there are already a few ingame I don't recognize, so unsure if they've all been added or if that's simply a fraction of the full list of replicas. Would be quite cool if there were in fact Invictus-made unbranded versions of everything, including Level-R exclusives.
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same model and fantasy name is that a alternative ?
Not quite. The models would be basically the exact same and that alone could cause issues too.
Just a removed badge texture and a fantasy name won't exactly cut it, to my knowledge.
Not quite. The models would be basically the exact same and that alone could cause issues too.
Just a removed badge texture and a fantasy name won't exactly cut it, to my knowledge.
And all you need is a modeler and let him do some,...face lifting :ROFLMAO:
Jack, what ever you decide, but to be honest, I wouldn't put in that kind of money just to have a license car, back in the old PT days, I think the license cars I bought was around 5 to 10 dollars each might have been even 20 dollars. and I had to buy Aeria Games cards to purchase them, so, if you decide to go that route, how many players would pay enough to buy them, for that kind of money, you would have to charge enough to get your money back, this is just my opinion.
My 2 cents -
I think there is some unused breathing space, namely to tell the car companies that :
A. Players will buy, upgrade and drive the cars, so they are benefiting from the game as an ad on a constant basis. You can also stress that they are missing out potential revenue from the ad.
B. Originally, Aeria already paid them for the usage of those names and templates (I don't know how much of this argument can be exploited, a lawyer is needed).
C. Tell them "The following companies are already in the game : ..... ". This should make them seriously consider again.

With this in mind, you can approach companies with a much lower suggestion (say, 500 USD) and once you have several companies that agreed, you can think about the stragglers.
Hope to play long and prosper :)
We will not be licencing the cars. They want around $10,000 per brand upfront and 5% of revenue.

These companies don't care about the game "advertising" the cars or $500.
Talking about companies that make $500 a second selling cars.

Aeria used a 3rd party to go through. They did not even licence the cars themselves. And this is a multi-million dollar company...
Maybe if we had a much larger number of players, this would be doable. But at this time, licensing cars is off the table.
We will work on alternatives.
You did have much larger playerbase, in the first week of launch - before you started turning the game into a pay-to-win and screwing up the RP income.
How is the game pay to win?
Do you really have to ask?

The RP prices are so high and the RP income is so low that this literally forces the user's hands to buy the fake cars with GP. And he keeps lowering the RP income. 2 days ago for 20 rounds on Wangan with 8 ppl in the room and 2xRP items I got only 16k RP for 3rd position. In order to buy a Stallion with RP, one will have to play 280 rounds (14x Wangans, 20 rounds each = 280 rounds) on Wangan and always be at least in 3rd position in order to get 16k RP. Since nobody wants to do this endless grinding, they buy the fastest car they can with GP and thus the game is pay-to-win. Or, which the most of the players did - they went to spend their money on other games. Currently the game has no insentive for new or current players to stay and play the game. It's an obvious money factory for someone and that's why the player base shrunk to its current size. On PT/LvR/HO items which used to be sold for RP, here they're sold for GP only! On PT the girls were available for 28 days for the same amount of real money, whereas here they're available for only 16 days - another money factory factor. So besides pay-to-win, it's also pay-to-fil-somebody's pockets. The only reason I came back to this game was because of some old PT friends. And I did buy all the cars I wanted with GP but that will be the last time I pay for GP. There's no insentive for me and for my crew to stay and pay for more. SIm Drift was f*cked up, overall RP income was f*cked up, no helpful items like on the original PT... By helpful items I mean items such as increasing the timer for connecting drifts in Drift mode, or the TA items which allowed the car to run longer with a single refuel, the 10% power increase of a car on Sim and Arcade, one which I believe was called "Spark Plugs", nitrous oxide and those race bonuses 1.5x and 3x that were consumables for each race. Basically since the second week of New PT it has become "give me all your money while we give you nothing". That's why nowadays the playerbase consists of 50 people tops on a busy day.

When I used to play the original PT/Level R, I used to pay at least 50 euro (sometimes even more) every month, despite that I had every single car there, including the licensed cars. Why? Because the RP income was perfect and I was able to play all game modes without an endless grinding and the RP prices were very well balanced. A Stallion's price was 100,000 RP or so but with 2xRP and 10 rounds on Wangan I was able to buy it. Now with 2xRP and 20 rounds on Wangan I wouldn't be able to get Stallion (I already have it but I'm talking about the case if I didn't have it).
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I don't think you understand the definition of pay to win.

Pay to win means that you buy exclusive items available only with paid currency. From the moment cars are available with RP prices, it's not pay to win. It's funny you mention those "helpful items" because those were exactly the definition of pay to win (except for the race bonuses, those should come back)

Also, "fill somebody's pockets up" shows how much you don't understand how little to nothing this game makes in terms of money.

I agree on the payouts half, they need at least a small nudge. But that's as far as we agree.
Those helpful items were all available for RP, so no, they were not pay to win items.

Invictus were able to afford licenses for cars solely on the income from PT. Because they had better idea how to keep the people playing and interested in the game which someone here doesn't. The little amount the game makes in terms of money is no way our fault. If you hadn't released it on Steam which take 30% of the income, you would be able to afford licenses and not to have to make every item for GP only (such as rims. None of the rims were ever GP only on PT!). One simple virtual server for the game updates to be downloaded would be enough and certainly wouldn't cost 30% of the total income to maintain it. The original PT was launched 2005 or 2006 (I joined it in late 2006), Steam was launched in 2003 and yet Invictus never released the game on Steam and maintained their own server all the time the game was alive. So it seems Invictus were smarter...