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Beta - 23/04/20


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I apologise for my rather brusque comment about the Beta, having now found the relevant post I see that it does state multiplayer disabled and mention the download size. Chalk it up to frustration caused by, among other things, internet connection which in daytime manages only about 1Mb if we're lucky. At which speed, about 700MB isn't as trivial as it would ordinarily be.

I'll keep monitoring the beta builds and hope to be more constructive in the future ;)


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Aside from checkpoints, all tracks function correctly.
Is the airplane sound a shared sound across maps? Maybe a later build has a better sounding airplane sound other than the choppy sound we have.

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^ can confim that, the checkpoints on normal vs modes dont work yet. But somehow the checkpoints on Drift on Joker works (Drift mode).

*Cargo Battle is new fav. track for now ?