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Beta - 23/04/20

The trees and bushes are missing in all tracks that i tested. (Serpentine, England, etc.. And the tree in the login background gone too.)
The textures in Summer England are ok here.
Alright, some general notes, tracks are missing props, mainly foliage, lampposts and billboards. This affects all tracks. (England, Serpentine, Mud, SF Marina to name a few)

With that out of the way, here's what I got out of testing them all:
- Most of the tracks are visually upgraded. Keep in mind, most updates come in the form of new layouts.
- England Summer textures are working.

- Tokyo Night lampposts don't emit light onto the cars. Looks like they never bothered fixing it, or something's missing.

That's all I have to report on my side.
Here's some before and after comparisons.



What changed is that they got rid of some ingame sponsors in exchange of ads for their games, so maybe you should seek for the original textures for them.

Cali Raceway:


More/Different billboards all around the track it seems.
Now Trees and billboards are fixed on many tracks but Cali downtown hasn't fixed the lamp collision and model yet. (On the middle road.)
And, TA "Meele All Star" has improved AI accuracy when enters pitlane.
Looking nice shader whuich ported from Julia build, nw they're even shinier and more cars and garages reflection than before.
The new layout on tracks aren't enabled yet, means we can't test out the new layout on tracks. (due to server-sided.)
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crowd textures fix (it used to have some black spots)


new props


shadows and guardrail fix

the biggest changes I see is in the lighting. and old was actually better. the shadows on the rear of the car looked better in the old.
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also couldn't find anything new on CONSTRUCTION, SUNBAY, LIVENPORT, SHANGAI ROOF and WANGAN
yeah in the old the black looked black, not gray. So yeah I'm a fan of the old look. the new looks like someone turned the gamma up to high.