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Are more cars coming?


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I only have a level 2 car and I'm about to max it out, I have watched videos of the game and saw awesome cars like AE86s and RX7s and I wanted to know if they are coming to the game again.

Deus Iratus

The videos were probably from the original release when invictus was developing the game, they shutdown the game on their side around 2014. Their build had indeed licensed cars like the 86 and the RX7. The problem is that their licenses ran out years ago and we cant use them because of that.

The good thing is, that these are gonna get fictionalized so that we can use them again at somepoint.
But in the meantime there is tons of other stuff to work on. At this time, i always guide people to the official trello, so that they are up to date and know what is going on
Link to the trello: https://trello.com/b/4ApDRzWM/pt-todo-list