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Dude, I love PT! Thank you very much for bringing her back to life. I have been playing it since 2020 on the recommendation of my friend, and now we almost every day go in and play it for 4-6 people and we all really like it. Thank you for trying to develop the game, I will be ready to donate my first dollar to the game in order for it to live. The game is amazing and perhaps the best game to play with friends online. Each car is interesting in its own way and it pleases with its atmosphere, even though it is on the 2000s engine. The game is amazing
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the game is beautiful and it seems that it will be better for online races in relaxation now it will be difficult to find, or they are expensive. We support you and look forward to a new one. The game is varied in maps and very interesting, even though it looks outdated.
Thank you for the support!