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An.... unusual bug? (Clipping through the ground)


New member
Earlier today during my session play in Project Torque I've been hit by this unusual bug during race startup.
When the race started after map loads, my car wasn't anywhere in the starting line with other players, but instead falling through the map off to the void of the floor, with no body and no wheels - just the player model, and an indication that all 4 of my wheels are damaged beyond saving. This keeps on going with me going nowhere except falling, even the player model disappears off from view, so I decided to just quit the match losing reliability score.
What may have caused this?

My car during this race is a fully upgraded C-Racer 4x4. The issue didn't show itself again, atleast for the time being.
And no replays that I could provide, just screenshot, as I quitted halfway of the race going on.

PC Specs:
->CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
->GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics
->OS: Windows 7 Ultimate w/ SP1
->Monitor Resolution: 1366 x 768



New member
maybe thats bad network not ur PC , check ur network wifi
Network is fine even if I am connecting to EU all the way from AS, and I didn't say it's my PC (posting PC specs just to follow the forum guide). It's an internal game bug I'm sure however /how/ exactly is what baffles me.


Active member
It's a known bug, one we have no idea what causes it.
Best you can do is back out to your garage, switch to a different car and then back into the one you wanna drive. That usually fixes it. If not, just restart the game.