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Amplified is searching for fellow passionate PT players to potentially recruit to our family.

Are you an active player who's sick of logging on and seeing this?:
join amp please.png

Wouldn't it be great to log on and see something more like this!?:

Amplified membership has always been by invite-only. But right now is your chance to come mingle with us. Although we have some of the world's fastest/best drivers from Project Torque (along with many other titles such as TrackMania, iRacing, The Crew to name a few), we have no requirements on skill. Just be active in our community, be respectful to everybody in and out of said community, and you'll be welcomed by all. Whether you're a casual old fart who just needs a good laugh every now and then, or you're an aspiring young competitive gamer who wants to learn from the best, we've got a place for every good soul.

Some "achievements" of Amplified in the past:
- Many many TrackMania world championship podiums under our belt. (about to take another, too)
- Multiple sponsorships from various companies over the years (equals free swag and goodies for our members)
- Raised money as a team to fund our Belgian member Laurens' flight to America for an esports event. (yes, he came and he won)
- Dozens (hundreds?) of gifts in PT sent to our members as well as new players in general.
- Home to the world's best Capture the Flag player
- Many Project Torque world records held by our members in every game mode (ok, except TA...)

Sound like we take things way too seriously? Some of us absolutely do. Every single amp member is extremely passionate about what we do. And we're passionate about eachother as well. Many of us would consider each other "best friends", we're always keeping in touch, and chatting nearly every day.

An average day for us in Project Torque:
***disclaimer: Wipper is not actually affiliated with Amplified ....yet***

An average day on the Amplified discord:


Perks of joining Amplified:
- Our sexy green flame logo beside your name. Guaranteed performance boost for every car in every mode. (kidding...)
- You'll be part of THE most active community in Project Torque.
- Guaranteed laughs when you join us on voice chat.
- Free stuff (just don't ask for it or we'll probably get annoyed and kick you)
- Exclusive (not really exclusive) knowledge of EVERY single glitch you can perform in Project Torque. Lol
- Sick animated logo on our discord server
- Contacts with a whole bunch of nerds who won't rest until they solve even the simplest of your technical problems.
- Invitations to exclusive real-world events and meetups around the globe.
- You get to see KK's beautiful face.

Reasons not to join:
- If you're easily offended. We swear and joke a lot.

Fancy a chat? Come join us on our Discord:
***Joining the Discord does not guarantee your membership into the crew. Just come chill with us, chat with us, and if everybody gets along, you'll receive your invitation. We are a family. And we are picky. Every single member has just as much voice/power in the community as the next. If we feel you're not a match, you will be notified. If you cause any problems or excessive drama, you will be kicked.***


(yes, we've got some pretty impressive talent in the family outside of video games too)
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