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701 Server Shut Down Error


New member
Hey new player here,

I just downloaded the game off of steam, registered my account and tried to connect but unfortunately I got an Error Message saying "[701] Server Shut Down.".
I tried searching for the problem and I haven't found any solution to it.
Did I just have bad timing, or is something wrong on my end?


I think you have bad timing, maybe they have server maintenence going on or something. Servers are offline since more than 2 hours now


Maybe someone else knows more, i mean its unusual that servers are offline that long. Friday patch day? :)


New member
this should be posted on NEWS but still nothing.... i dont know what they doing hehehe maybe more cars or MAINTENANCE who knows......


New member
Yes, an error message saying "Server under maintenance" would be better than the blunt "Server shut down".

Also, a bit off-topic: I am interested to know what happens with my GP-purchased girls, since I payed cash for them. Will this down-time be added back or I just lose money due to your technical difficulties ?


Im interested too since im in the same boat. Got babes running and cant use em at the moment because of server is offline .... :/


New member
When i was playing it was announced for 1 Hour that the server will be shut down.
So they are working on it, just no news.
Im sure Jack is working on it :) .


New member
Ei, jogador novo aqui,

Acabei de baixar o jogo do Steam, registrei minha conta e tentei me conectar, mas infelizmente recebi uma mensagem de erro dizendo "[701] Server Shut Down.".
Eu tentei procurar o problema e não encontrei nenhuma solução para ele.
Eu apenas tive um timing ruim ou há algo errado do meu lado?
I have the same error now can you help me?
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Eu acho que você tem um timing ruim, talvez eles tenham manutenção de servidor acontecendo ou algo assim. Os servidores estão offline há mais de 2 horas
eestou com erro de 701 a mais de horas tem como você me ajudar?