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000 - recruiting

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People around the world are welcome to join the crew.
Players of all game modes are encouraged to join.

There are no level requirements.
There are no taxes.
There will be bonuses.
You do not have to speak or type English. We will eventually understand each other or at least have fun trying.
You do have to be 18+ to join. By joining, you are claiming to be at least 18 years of age.
You will not be given any type of reward for joining. That has been asked already one too many times, have to put it here.

What is the point of joining this crew?
If this goes right, there could be someone to drive with anytime you want to drive. That is only an "if" and those are not worth much.
We could potentially be able to compete in all aspects of this game.
We can learn from each other.

Go to the crew button. Search for 000. Those are zeros.
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