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  1. TorQueHQ

    Is the kawana k660 bad?

    Kawana to be good needs acceleration ++ balancing item activated, otherwise you better bet in losing for city route tracks where there is long straights. Also adding grip+ in the rear tires helps a bit getting out of corners. Overall is a great car for speed corners but eventually will lose for...
  2. TorQueHQ

    Is the kawana k660 bad?

    Indeed kawana is good for sim racing but also in some arcade tracks, it also relies on the player driving style.
  3. TorQueHQ

    Soon we will be having new players. as soon as the game officially launches.

    Soon we will be having new players. as soon as the game officially launches.
  4. TorQueHQ

    Um sonho tornado realidade!

    Em breve mais br vao se juntar ao jogo, por enquanto Portugal lidera a lingua portuguesa.
  5. TorQueHQ

    Spiedo Forte

    Eventually it will, but will take a while.
  6. TorQueHQ

    Is the kawana k660 bad?

    Full upgraded kawana is very good, for drift corners as you do not lose much speed, while fwd cars will slightly drag the front, you just hit it drifting. for short corners/tracks it lacks a bit of acceleration but can be improved if using acceleration balancer.
  7. TorQueHQ

    Lower opponent vehicle engine sound volume

    Hello there, As said in the title, an option to lower opponent engine sound would be a great addition as sometimes in 4+ player races it kind of get's hard to know what rpm you are in without looking to the gauge. As there is environment sound option i believe this must be added as well. I've...
  8. TorQueHQ

    Flickering Screen and partial login screen

    Once in-game press ALT+ENTER keys to try to enable windowed mode, also make sure you are not running any graphics card overclock software and have your drivers updated. Also you can try to set launch options when starting the game from STEAM (if you have it there) Set Launch Options...
  9. TorQueHQ

    Eastread Perfomance

    Hello there, welcome to our community! :)
  10. TorQueHQ

    switching visual styling in game room with cl2 cars removes car upgrades

    Hello there, Make sure you have selected all the upgrades for every visual style and performance setup, that means style 1 has 3 performance setups as well as style 2 and 3, that means 9 performance setups.
  11. TorQueHQ

    Thunder Alley slow loading non friendly

    That is a known game bug that should be fixed by closing and opening the game. It will always happen if you do not quit the game. Happened to me before a lot of times.
  12. TorQueHQ

    Post your computer specs/rig!

    Nice specs you have there
  13. TorQueHQ

    Audio clicking FIXED

    I managed to make everything work again by changing to an older audio driver version.
  14. TorQueHQ

    Race betting system

    That's a good idea, i like it.
  15. TorQueHQ

    Game economy

    We'll have to wait to see what is going to happen, Jack is trying the best he can for either release the game without reset or refund us.
  16. TorQueHQ

    GT4tube's Epic Funny Moments Video

    Funny indeed, but it's a shame i did not appear in your video!.
  17. TorQueHQ

    Double XP Weekend please?

    Because fun., also Jack said good things about someone who requested unlimited rp and levelless cars for this week before the reset.
  18. TorQueHQ

    Race betting system

    How you consider this as gambling? so Challenge mode isn't ? That makes no sense at all, i agree if we were talking about the Challenge mode, which indeed can be seen as gambling but not when we are talking about RP with such limitations as i said in the first post. Also adding a the rule that...
  19. TorQueHQ

    Race betting system

    That's why i said "Minimum player level between 15-20; " for 1vs1 matches OR "Minimum user in the room must be 6-8; " for no level requirement option. so yeah, could be useful to help someone on the crew or friend but you will end up losing RP.
  20. TorQueHQ

    champagne shaking does not work

    Yes, like i said above