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  1. Old-Skool

    New player on Steam game. The car is stuck.

    Do you have a controller/wheel plugged in!?
  2. Old-Skool

    Do old Aeria Games/PT accounts work? Or is this all fresh without our old accounts?

    The game went through so many hands it's just impossible to migrate accounts from long ago. Start a fresh one and get involved leveling up to 20 is pretty speedy .?
  3. Old-Skool

    In need of additional Mods

    Going by experience from this crazy lovable game- you will find like minded racers that will automatically adjust to your game style when they join your room and adjust their behaviour for a good game ( gga ) ? by the wording of your room also helps for a good like minded gaming exerience.... if...
  4. Old-Skool

    if any bonus ugrades of engine? how to aplly? help

    Other factors to concider, as mentioned before the veteren players from 2008,( they know all the lines, tracks etc ) also wheel users often out- do keyboard players, and or controllers... Some just excel naturally at certain games than others so there are many factors to concider here, you just...
  5. Old-Skool

    can not log in to account

    Click on your forum name top left of forum, and then you can reset it.
  6. Old-Skool

    Post your computer specs/rig!

    A bit of an upgrade.
  7. Old-Skool

    content ???

    Oh yes, back in the day! :geek:
  8. Old-Skool

    What if our vehicles could age?

    Maybe this is why I always get a full room- because everyone knows they will thrash me.??
  9. Old-Skool

    What if our vehicles could age?

  10. Old-Skool

    wgt cars

    That's another thread/topic my friend. I know you want to get the ball rolling here, but we need to stay on Topic. :)
  11. Old-Skool

    wgt cars

    He means the actual WGT cars themselves. I'm sure someone has a pic from back in the day that they can show you?