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  1. Jack

    Change log

    Beta Branch on Steam is now on its own server separate from the Public live game servers. This is to allow for better testing of builds and database changes prior to public release. Note that progression on this test server may not save, so expect account resets periodically or to be reverted...
  2. Jack

    My game doesn't start - Connection

    We are looking into it but I don't live in Brazil so it is not like I can actively work on it. It looks to be an issue with the Brazilian internet and not the game or our servers.
  3. Jack

    My game doesn't start - Connection

    Do what I suggested in the message you quoted.
  4. Jack

    cum pun parola

    Reset your password here, https://community.projecttorque.racing/account/security
  5. Jack

    if any bonus ugrades of engine? how to aplly? help

    There are multiple upgrades, more than just Engine. Check shop tab.
  6. Jack

    i play 54 races and dont finish first even once not honnest

    Project Torque has a bit of a learning curve and yes other players will have a better car than you at first. But once you are fully upgraded, you are in a much better position to be able to win a race. Keep at it and you will start to win some. Maybe go into lobbies with other lower-level...
  7. Jack

    Change log

    BUILD 5033 - 10/09/20 Removed colour update changes. This should fix a few texture issues where cars had no texture Fixed REGISTER button on Login page. Added the rest of the SF tracks. HOTFIX 1 DoctorX Island map was not showing up. Recompiled and it does.
  8. Jack

    Missions aand cars

  9. Jack

    I dont remember my password

    Log out (or do this in an Incognito browser tab) and go to https://community.projecttorque.racing/lost-password/
  10. Jack

    Can't seem to get a password

    I have forced a password reset on your account. Try now.
  11. Jack

    Reset password

    I have forced a password reset on your account.
  12. Jack

    Reset password

    I have forced a password reset on your account. No need to ask 3 times...
  13. Jack

    No password set - can't log in

    I have forced a password reset on your account. Check spam. No reports of your email provider blocking emails.
  14. Jack

    How to register ?

    You already registered. This forum is how you register. You should be able to login using the username and password you created for this forum.
  15. Jack

    where is my color

    Working on fixing the issue. Pretty much have it sorted via a rollback of an update but have been too busy to finish it. I know it has been over a month now with this and I am sorry but I have just been super busy. Should have some time later this month to dedicated to the game development and...
  16. Jack

    Reset password

    I have forced a password reset on your account. Don't create 2 threads as well as reply to this one next time.
  17. Jack

    I am unable to play the game.

    If you have a problem with someone's username, report the profile and ill take a look. No need for armchair moderation or response to said armchair moderation. Topic will remain open until OP confirms that their problem has been resolved.
  18. Jack

    I am unable to play the game.

    Try using email in-game rather than username.
  19. Jack

    Discord Server and Phone Verification

    I have lowered it back to High. It was on that setting due to spam that came through a few months ago. No need to have it on now. Though be warned, it might get set again at any time. If you have Discord installed on your PC, they already track a load of info. Having your phone number as well...
  20. Jack

    How to change your username or delete your account?

    Username in-game can be changed with the username change item in-game. Cost a couple GP. I can delete your account. Any progression made, XP/RP earned etc will be lost.