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  2. KemonoRacer

    Post your Project Torque screenshots.

    It was taken during CBT.
  3. KemonoRacer

    Post your Project Torque screenshots.

    Share your shots in this thread :3
  4. KemonoRacer

    PT not in Google

    PT will be back on google IF we bring in more audience. It will become the best racing game sooner or later, it will take time so.
  5. KemonoRacer

    CORUS vinyls

    I'm glad that i will still seeing your custom vinyl works on the forum, such a shame you got banned on discord :( but no worries, you're still here :) Btw, I think we need to see more models other than Corus, Lion, Panama, Corvette and Phoenix.
  6. KemonoRacer

    More paint options update *WIP*

    Ohhhhh heck yeah! :D :3
  7. KemonoRacer

    New Fantasy Cars

    I'm glad you got the source codes for the game modes.
  8. KemonoRacer

    Beta - 23/04/20

    I think there are three maps which aren't enabled in the beta branch. 1. Red Rock 2. Island of Doctor X 3. Santa