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  1. Deus Iratus

    *"IDEA:" collection*

    This is not an actual suggestion, but an collection of most of the ideas that were posted on the offficial Discord Server. The ideas included were clearly flagged with *IDEA:* as the rules from the channels said. I didnt included ideas that were alrdy implemented or clearly denied by...
  2. Deus Iratus

    Petition: TA on Nurgenhoch

    Hello everybody, we are currently at a point with PT where the number of players is more than just in the basement. One of these reasons is the lack of new content for players who have already achieved (bought) everything that is currently available, or simply the fact that the content that is...
  3. Deus Iratus

    Petition (Deutsch Version): TA auf Nurgenhoch

    Hallo Zusammen, wir befinden uns aktuell an einem Punkt mit PT, an dem die Spieleranzahl mehr als nur im Keller ist. Einer dieser Gründe ist mitunter der mangelnde neue Content für Spieler die bereits alles erreicht(gekauft) haben was es derzeit gibt oder schlicht der fakt, dass der von...
  4. Deus Iratus

    Blackflag in TA while exiting PIT without visible reason

    Failed my PIT Stop hard, but never was to fast. Dont know why i got the Blackflag on exit. in addition: PIT Speed Gauge stayed until my next PIT visit (wanted to see what happens if i enter PIT to fast while this shows)
  5. Deus Iratus

    New drift track for Tokyo.

    I just had an idea for a new track layout for Tokyo, for the time when the map tools are available. Due to lacking free roam mode, i couldnt drive the course and show it. But Mayby you guys get an idea from the edited Map Picture:
  6. Deus Iratus

    Voting Window disappears

    After a race on Serpentine the vote window showed up for a brief moment, but then disappears. This happend to all players in room. A Log file is attached.